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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Reunion Dinner 2011

Chinese New Year eve this year was an especially fun and meaningful one for me because I finally get to spend it with my dear siblings who usually go to KL during CNY. Double joy that I spent it with them and my wonderful in-laws!

And this year, our chef was Sam Leong. I meant my Sis-in-law…. with the help of Sam Leong’s cookbook!


My SIL did the 盆菜 dish which averages $400 at the restaurants!


This power dish consists of scallops, abalone, prawns, mushrooms, roast meat, roast duck, chinese cabbage and the 富贵菜.

fu gui cai

You can bet that Jared stayed far far away from this very green 富贵菜…

And of course, behind every great chefs are great kitchen helpers!



Now won;t you take a look at all the food that my very talented SIL prepared!


(From top left): Chicken and black fungus cooked in chicken essence, crispy prawn in durian mayo, pen cai, fruit and sashimi yusheng and sweet braised pork.


Green tea with lychee, aloe vera and wolfberries, kueh pie tee, mushrooms and fa cai, nai bai vege with mushrooms and fried scallops and roast meat.

One word to describe the foods that night:


It was indeed a night of great bonding, fun and sumptuous foods!


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