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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Quality Time

As a parent, I believe we all want to know how to raise happy kids who loves us and the family. It’s not difficult for me to find my answer as I am someone who loves my parents and my family deeply. So all I had to do was think what my parents did right for me and my siblings.

And my answer would be QUALITY TIME.

My parents were not rich at all, and they often did not give in to our wimps and fancies. What they did was to spend alot of time with us even though they were both holding full time jobs.

They would bring us for nightly walks after dinner on weekdays at the park just downstairs. Sometimes, Dad would drive us down to Changi to see the aeroplanes and the lights…

Shopping together was on Saturdays and church + badminton was on Sundays.

Dad would occasionally bring us to East Coast Beach for Mac Donald’s breakfast and then to play by the seaside on his off days. What great fun we had!

During Chinese New Year, they would bring us out for late night shopping and suppering on the eve. We would also embark on our family project every year - baking all sorts of CNY cookies! We the kids especially loved the eating part ;)

Oh, how I wish I could turn back time! I know I can’t… And now Jared and I have started a family, I know I have the responsibility to shower my son and all my other kids the same love and attention my parents had showered upon me and my siblings. I wouldn’t even call it a ‘responsibility’ as I would love to do it… I want my children to love us back and to love spending family time!

The Chinese New Year holidays are over and reality hits for me starting tomorrow when I go back to work. This holiday like all the other CNY, was really very precious as I spent lots of quality time with my family especially with my beloved boy. During CNY, there would be almost zero work-related calls, emails and other messages reaching me through my work-berry. So I can whole-heartedly, single-mindedly just enjoy family time. :)

So tonight as I left Julien with my MIL’s, my heart broke when I had to bid him farewell… after spending so much time with him the last week. I felt worse cos he cried (though probably due to him wanting to sleep instead of feeling sad that mommy is leaving haha). One of my wishes this year is that as a working mum, I find the time and energy even after all the work, just like my mum, to provide the love and care for my hubby and kid. I wish myself all the best!



Klessis said...

He really has very good-looking eyes!!!! =)

San said...

Amen to that! :)