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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day

It was an unexpected Valentine’s surprise from my hubby.

Last night after I stepped out of the kitchen, hubby asked me to go to the bedroom to help take a look at Julien and make sure everything was alright. On hindsight, he did had a wierd grin as he said that (hubby’s a bad actor).

Unsuspecting me walked into the bedroom and saw my lovely surprise!


By the way, Julien was such an adorable prop! :)



Dear bought me a limited edition Coach wallet…


I think my hubby has good taste! But since I was satisfied with what I had currently, I got it exchanged for a bag instead…


So happy!

Thank U dear for being such an awesome and loving hubby and daddy! Love ya so much!!!

1 comment:

Edmund said...

Wa...So nice of Jared!

Hope u had a great Valentine's Time! :)