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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Shop & Eat at Kuala Lumpur

Last weekend, instead of counting down to the New Year at Singapore, we travelled up to Kuala Lumpur for a short trip from 30th Dec-1st Jan.

Jared was able to get us a very good corporate discount at Somerset Seri Bukit Ceylon KL- service apartments managed by Ascott. For RM390 a night, you get a clean, spacious apartment with 2 bedrooms (1 king sized and 1 queen sized bed), 2 nice toilets, kitchen area and a simple breakfast included! Location was also good as it was within walking distance from the big malls- Pavilion, Fahrenheit 88, Lot 10, Sungei Wang…


living room



Service was prompt and the staff were very friendly and efficient. :) Best of all, we had a super clear view of the fireworks from the balcony!

This trip can be summed up by eating, shopping and a massage.

I must say that the shopping isn’t exactly cheap as compared to SG but we found ‘gold’ when we chanced upon an FOS outlet for kids at Mid Valley’s Mega mall! We bought like 9 T-shirts/rompers, 1 surfer pants and 3 hooded jackets for our darling. Here is a couple of very cute Old Navy shirts we’ve got.

IMG_1032 IMG_1033

We only managed to go to Pavilion and Mega mall over the 2 days we were there. The Christmas decor were still around and they were BIG and beautiful… They had gigantic trees and bears!


The malls here stock many baby/kid brands which are much lacking in SG’s malls. We saw shops such as Pumpkin Patch/Guess/Gap/Ed Hardy kids (stores stocked solely infant and toddler wear!), Combi and many many more!

And now the food…

Soo Kee Restaurant at Medan Imbi

It’s really just a coffee shop.


Zi Bao Ji (Chicken wrapped in paper)

Slightly above average only…


Vege fried with salted fish

Very tasty!


Beef Horfun

The best zichar dish we had here. Sadly, they did not sell Malaysia’s famous black-sauced Hokkien mee here. :(


This place is supposedly a popular tourist eating place. I heard the crayfish dish here is also highly in demand. I personally think it’s just above average.

Ps Matt also brought us to a Da Pai Dang for supper. There were unhealthy food and rats aplenty there! Ewww!




My curry chee cheong fun with fried shrimps


Jared’s fresh-from-the-pan char kway teow… the aroma of the charred CKT was more delicious than the actual taste….

We had good and cheap Jap food at Mega mall’s Oh Sushi restaurant. Yes we love air-con and good food! :) The price of the food was equivalent dollar for dollar with SG and so it was considered really quite cheap!





Small sushi or big plate??



Fresh sashmi, only RM$30!


Keith playing with his leftovers…

Does he look like an idol? HAHAHA!

We also managed to squeeze in Roti Prata (named Roti Canai in Malaysia) at Hanafi restaurant very near our hotel.


Malaysia’s canai/pratas are BIGGER and CHEAPER than what we get in SG.


My roti canai came with 2 types of curries and chilli. My favorite kind of brekkie!

Last of all, here’s a recommended place for MASSAGE! Although I personally do not like massages very much at all, I really liked the service and decor/ambience of this parlour.

It’s called Liang Xin 良心. Don’t ask me why it’s called ‘Conscience’ literally…

They even have a website! Check it out and check out the pictures below…




Nice toilet…



Welcome drink (Kiwi Juice) and fruits. They even offered ice-cream and you can ask for refill!

Here’s Jared…


Little did he know that his masseur is a sinseh as well. And he did this to him….


Yes! He had 28 cups all over his back and he said that it was the MOST PAINFUL massage he had ever experienced! Man… but it should be … good?!

I did a full body and head massage and also decided to go for ear candling. So brave… you’ll see why….


Yikes! Yes, that’s me!


But it was a painless procedure really…

We spent RM210 for 1.5h of massage each that night. Quite pricey but it was good. Do I like massage better after this? Still, nah….

So, all in all, we did quite alot in our 3 days there. After all that shopping, I definitely needed some more time to recover from this trip!

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