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Thursday, January 06, 2011

My cute 4-month old

Yes, my baby is now 4-months old!

We recently visited Minghui and little baby Ansel who had just arrived 3 weeks ago and my oh my…. Julien was a like a giant as compared to Ansel!

Julien had grown from a 3.2kg little baby…


to a 7.4kg BIGger baby in 4 months!

Jule 3

He has also grown to have his own personality. He is a really smiley boy and loves people to talk to him. Leave him alone and a while later, he will be shrieking for attention! He also loves to do silly little things like this….

Jule 1

And seeing us laugh at him, he laughs along with us!

Jule 2

So, here’s my adorable little 4-month old for you.

Dearest baby Julien, Mummy and Daddy LOVES you very x100 much!

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