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Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby cold

It all started with me & Jared.

We caught the dreadful flu bug and were both down with cough, running nose and sore throat.

1 week later, our little one also started coughing and had a running nose.. but worse than us, he developed a low-grade fever.


And the spread didn’t stop there. Julien passed it on to my sister and mom-in-law. Now that Jared and I are almost well, I hope Julien doesn’t pass it back to us. What a terrible bug!

This is the second time Julien contracted flu and it always breaks my heart when I hear his labored and noisy breathing. Easy for us adults to just blow out the mucus, but not for babies. They don’t know how to. As a result, he cannot drink his milk and sleep well, which led to extreme crankiness. I think my poor boy had also lost abit of weight? His neck is becoming visible! :p

The poor baby has to take 4 medicines – 2 oral, 2 nose sprays. He especially hates the sea salt spray, which is actually very effective. 1 spray into each nostril and alot of mucus gets forced out.


Though he is just 4 months old and probably still developing his cognitive skills, but boy, I think the time taken for him to recognize the spray compared to recognizing daddy and mummy is much faster! He cringes and winces and starts screaming when he sights the nose spray. But I don’t blame him… I mean, do you like it when you spray liquid into your nose? NO WAY!

Today is already Day 8 of being sick. His fever has subsided but not his flu and cough.

We are doing all we can by keeping him warm (literally! Look at his wet head) …


and putting him to sleep on an elevated place so that he can breathe better.

Probably not so comfy but he still gets knocked out! He’s so tired he does funny things in his sleep like….


So Julien, please hurry get well soon for all our sanity’s and health’s sake!

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San said...

Yikes, never a good thing when kiddos get sick! Jia you! Dun forget to up your own Vit C intake!