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Monday, December 13, 2010

Tummy time

I tried to give Julien some tummy time today…

He looked absolutely adorable from behind too… such a small little bundle! Actually, not so small now. He measured 62.5 cm a couple of weeks back. :)


I wondered how he was coping and went in front of him….IMG_0920

Ewww, he sure didn’t seem to enjoy this….

Julien was trying to lift his head but he still couldn’t. He seemed stuck.. and yes VERY frustrated! The only thing he could do was to kick his legs in anger. What a funny sight really! :p

After naughty mummy had enough fun watching him vent his frustration and making those funny baby noises, I finally carried and propped him back on his bouncer.


180 degrees change in expression- he was indeed much HAPPIER front up!

And after a while,  I realized he started staring at his arm…!



My dear Julien has become more aware of his surroundings and now his own hand. Another small little milestone!?

Looking forward to many more milestones and hopefully I am able to catch them all on camera!

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