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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finally… my Christmas tree is up!

After some quick decisions, we decided to go get a Christmas tree for our house. Afterall, we are holding some Christmas parties at our house. And what’s a Christmas party @ home without a Christmas tree??!

And so, after making a trip to Carrefoure and Ikea… we got ourselves a tree complete with alot of decorations for under $100!

We initially wanted a tree decorated with purple and silver… But,. Ikea changed our minds. It stocked so many affordable, unique decorations, many of which seemed to be handmade.

Here are the lovely deco we’ve got….

deco 1

deco 2

And we got our 1.8m tree for under $50 from Carrefoure.


But it was hard work setting up the tree stem and branches and then transforming it from a naked looking tree…


… to a healthy looking Christmas tree!


The end result was an affordable but beautiful blue and red Christmas tree!


I had my first great Christmas party a day after I put up the tree… What a wonderful time E99 had!



Next up, looking forward to our candlelight and Christmas celebration services and more Christmas gatherings! :)

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