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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas gifts

Christmas is fast approaching and that also means gift exchanges are coming up!

I absolutely enjoy shopping for friends and wrapping their gifts up nicely. That is if I have MORE time. I really dislike rush jobs and impulse buying….

I remembered someone gave me a rather simple flower pin before but had it wrapped sooooo beautifully that I felt very happy receiving the gift… even though I didn’t wear the pin at all!

wrapped-presents (1)

But of course, if you are buying a gift for me, do try to figure something that I like or will use! ;p

And so, the very inspired me wrapped up one of my gift…IMG_0925

Well, it was the one and only gift that I had wrapped thus far. What ‘great’ progress! –_- The rest are still waiting for me to ‘dress’ them up! IMG_0926

Looking forward to giving away all these presents and hopefully bringing a smile to many faces this season :)

And not forgetting… Church! Yes, how can you go through Christmas without attending church?? I am really excited for my church service which includes another amazing, awesome, fabulous drama performance! Message me if you are interested to join me… Admission is free! :)



See u!

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