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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Motherhood for me thus far

My son is 2 months and 6 days old. And so am I as a mother.

Yesterday, I met a friend in the lift who asked me how motherhood had been for me so far. ‘Fun?’ she asked me.

Little did she know that a couple of hours ago, I was going nuts over my little fella. Everytime I left him lying down, he would cry. I mean wail. I mean SCREAM.


He just wants to be carried. And he wants it HIS way.

I had to sneak a bath when I saw him fall asleep, only to rush out helter skelter soon after because he started screaming as if all hell had broken loose.

I even had to apply make up with one hand, and with Julien staring at me in the other hand! It looked something like this…


I must be a pro now… It’s certainly a feat to apply mascara and eyeliner with ONE hand.

When the hubby came back home, he found himself a cranky wife, ready to pour out the day’s sufferings.

And it seems as soon as you start complaining, you can’t help but go on and on forever…

That this little bundle called our flesh and blood could powerfully turn our lives upside down rightside up. How my life used to revolve around the Blackberry. Now it revolves around other electronics such as the Milk Warmer, Sterilizer and Breast Pump. How I used to be able to work and blog on my laptop endlessly but now, every few minutes, I would need to entertain, soothe, comfort my little one. Not forgetting new, tiring routines I’m forced to develop. Starting early in the day to feed baby, express BM, wash, sterilize, change diapers, soothe/play with baby… and all these could continue late into the night. Also not forgetting trying to squeeze work and other commitments in between this routine somehow… No wonder someone commented that motherhood molds character. It’s so true!

Well, so am I saying that i regret having kids?


The benefits far outweigh the sufferings!

No matter what my son does and yes that includes peeing into my face, I SOOO love him with all my heart.

Looking at him suck his little fingers…


Cuddling him till he falls asleep in my arms…



Watching him do new and funny things…


Seeing him smile at me….


In summary, Julien melts his mommy’s heart to the max!

Even though there are sacrifices I’ve got to make for my son, I know I am sowing into his life.

My prayer is that little Julien grows up to be a person who will impact many lives and contributes greatly to the world he lives in. With this, I feel my sacrifices are worth it and makes much sense to me. :)

So to all mothers out there, now that i know what’s life for a mother is like,  I really salute you! I pray for patience, wisdom, peace, happiness and good health to be upon you. Let’s keep on keeping on!


Jan said...


I am a new mother like u and my baby's just 2 wks older then yours. Can totally relate to u. Especially the bathing part haha sometimes my single peers will say... Dun spoil your baby, if she cries just leave her in her cot. BUT... We both know it's not that easy! Hahah

Jerb said...

Hi Jan, good to hear from u! Yes indeed.. it's just so tough to leave the little one crying. I am still trying to do that! ;)

MJ said...

Oh dear mommies, but its really true that we shouldnt spoil the little ones!

i was "heartless" enough to leave him crying when he was younger.. and by 2nd month he was able to sleep though the night.. and he is 1 yo now.. and c'mon! give yourself a little break... just that 1 min b4 rushing to them..

enjoy THE moment now when they are small and tiny.. i miss the little body..

As for now, I do not hesitate to discipline him in the public.. and i truly uphold the phrase of "spare the rod, spoil the child"..

San said...

Haha! I remember those moments of crying and whining. Got to learn to not rush to baby's call (u will regret it later) and most importantly, make sure OTHERS also don't rush to do the same! LOL! My mom and sisters were more than ready to "spoil" my attempts are trying to comfort J without picking him up.

U are doing an AWESOME job!

Jerb said...

MJ: Ok, i'll really try hard to be 'heartless'! Not easy...

San: Thks! Yea, my MIL doesnt believe in training the little baby too. I got to work harder! HAHA

Jerb said...

MJ: Ok, i'll really try hard to be 'heartless'! Not easy...

San: Thks! Yea, my MIL doesnt believe in training the little baby too. I got to work harder! HAHA

Klessis said...

Jia You Jia You!!! You're doing an amazing job keeping your spirits so high even though it's really tiring taking care of a newborn! You're a great-attitude mama! :)

Jerb said...

Thanks Kless! U all are great egs to follow :)

JC-Ho said...


I do the same too, running to my 2 mth old when she cries and she needs to be carried to be put to sleep. Some tell me I am spoiling her but others say not to allow cry it out. I was wondering with julien, did he end up spoiled with all the carrying? Or do they grow out of it?

Jerb said...

Hi JC! I believe they eventually grow out of it. :)