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Friday, November 12, 2010

Metadee Resort Review

We are on a short jaunt to Phuket right now :)

My sister-in-law’s company gave every staff hotel vouchers which are applicable overseas. We chose Phuket and here we are!

The voucher entitled us to 2 nights stay at Millennium Resort Patong and we extended our trip and booked another 5 star hotel, Metadee Resort at the other beach, Kata (a quieter, but should be nicer than the more crowded Patong beach).

We decided when we came to Phuket, we will skip the island hopping and tours since we’ve done all those in our ahem, younger days. We just wanted to come here to relax (aka eat, exercise, massage) and enjoy good couple time. :)

Phuket airport…


When we arrived at the hotel by metered taxi, we were greeted by this view…


This resort is very popular because it’s new (built only last year) and you can choose rooms with poolside access.

After checking in, we were brought to our hotel room… in a buggy! Niceee…



If you are a green lover, you’ll probably love the landscape of this resort because the boundaries here are made up of flora and fauna instead of the usual concrete and metal fences.

Welcome to our room…

Our four poster bed.


Warning: There are mozzies in the room (that explains the mosquito net!). But strangely, I haven’t got bitten YET.

The furniture in the room is all wooden.

We are very particular about toilets… so here it is. We were more than satisfied with it!



They also had a separate shower cubicle, complete with a Grohe rain shower!  But check out the HUGE bathtub.


And here’s the pool access… Uber COOOOL! Can you see me outside the room on the balcony? Just 3 steps from the room to get into the water!




This swimming pool meanders through the entire resort. And the best thing is the pool is heated! Whoohoo!






After swimming, we are planning to go gymming, then to the beach, then to the tailors. More updates coming up!

BTW, I super duper miss Julien!


Edmund said...

Enjoy your trip :)

Jayme Shing said...

Wow! Looks really fun!! Enjoy your holiday!! :)

Jan said...

Hi... Just asking. Are you expressing your milk for ur baby? Just wondering how did u managed to go on a holiday while on expressed milk.. Haha wana get some tips. Did you store up Enuff milk to last your entire trip ? Then express while on holiday?

Jerb said...

Ed & Shing: Thanks!

Jan: Hey Jan, yes i m expressing BM during this holiday. Planning to bring back. If it's successful, I'll blog abt it! :)

San said...

Looks gorgeous!!! Enjoy your holiday! :)