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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kata Beach food

In these short 3.5 days that we’ve spent at Kata, we had taken 3 dinners. We skipped our lunch because of the sumptuous daily breakfast buffet at Metadee Resort.

Oops! Unsuspecting Jared looking half-awake at the juice table...


Every time I go to Phuket or Pattaya, I would definitely look out for the street cart selling pancakes! Yummy, different flavoured and deep-fried pancakes costing about 30-50 baht (S$1.30-2.30) each.


We both chose bananas in our pancakes after seeing that the bananas were freshly peeled and sliced on the spot (and not long ‘preserved’ bananas).

My banana chocolate pancake.


And Jared’s banana egg one.


Mine tasted better!

And here’s this 99 Minimart which sells MANY flavours of potato chips! Jared had to resist a great temptation!


But we know it’s more pricey here than even 7-11 convenient stores cos the Lay's potato chips here costs 10-20 bahts more than the 30 bahts Lays sold elsewhere.

For dinner, it was difficult to decide which restaurant to go to. Restaurants were primarily dishing out Western fare and expensive seafood dises to cater to the mostly Caucasian tourist crowd.

We on the other hand, wanted to eat authentic Thai food in Thailand. Makes sense right?

We finally settled for this restaurant which offered a wide variety of dishes on their menu.





This restaurant offered a mini salad bar buffet with raw veges and various dressings and nice potato salad.

Me and my spicy noodle soup with chicken (about 120B) and not too bad.


Jared’s clear noodle soup- FAIL.

It was just clear soup with some pieces of chicken. So no pictures for that.

He then ordered wanton soup. It was tasty and fat with ingredients but it’s what you would get in SG. I guess Jared missed SG food already….


The waiter recommended yellow curry. The mushy stuffs are actually egg. The sauce tasted like the soup base for curry instant noodles. Tasty actually maybe due to MSG?! ;p


My dear hubby ordered pizza as well. Look at the cheese!


Very nice cheesy, thin crusted hawaiian pizza which costs only 250 Bahts, about SGD 11. Not bad a price for a restaurant’s pizza.


We dined at this Giorgione twice as the food is tasty and because it is the nearest decent restaurant to our hotel!



We were tempted by the restaurant next door because it offered a seafood buffet complete with a Elvis-music theme night Thank God we didn’t go because the Elvis was a poor imitation in terms of voice and especially looks!


Here’s the food from Giorgione! Service there is above satisfactory as the waitresses were very friendly and provided prompt service. Cost wise, I think it’s quite standard pricing for Thai food everywhere there.

We do like their clean and open kitchen though. Food should be safe for our stomachs!


Green curry.


Tom Yum Goong.


Jared chose 70% spicy for the green curry and it turned out not too spicy at all. I chose 50% spicy for my hot TYG dish and it turned out rather fiery! I like :)

Mushroom and ham pizza (230B)


Deep fried spring roll.


Jared’s pineapple rice which looked good but was quite tasteless…


My Phad Thai. Not too bad but the noodles were clumpy…IMG_0713

Hawaiian pizza again! My picky hubby is not too adventurous when it comes to food… But I don’t mind. Give me cheesy thin crust pizzas anytime!


And so after the meals every night in Kata, we’d give in to another indulgence – MASSAGE.


Manicure + Pedicure costs 100 baht here. Warning: Poor quality in terms of the nail polish used and skills. They also offer gel nails at 1,500B but which I didn’t dare to go for!

Basic massage starts at 200 baht for Thai massage.


San said...

Yum... tom yum goong! I miss BKK food and yes the MASSAGES!!! Oh Lord... :P Too bad I dun think BKK is a good place for toddlers. Haha!

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