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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Julien’s vaccination

Julien is FINALLY TWO months old!

My siblings commented that it seemed that Julien had been with us for a long long time already. O how I agree…

And so now, it’s time for us to send Julien to the PD for the 1st dose of his 6-in-1 vaccination.

We did not go to the polyclinic for his vaccination because even though it was the cheapest option, the dad does not trust the nurses to administer the shot. And the vaccinations there may not be the most updated?

We did not go to the GP because the price is almost comparable to the PD’s package price. Further, if anything does happens to Julien as a result of the vaccination, we should be going back to the doc who administered the vaccine. And of cos we prefer the PD!

And so, we brought sleepy Julien to the doc!


At the clinic, Julien ‘came alive’. Mommy certainly was praying that Julien would be a brave little boy!

When the doc took out the syringe, me and his dad began to ‘entertain’ Julien so as to distract him. The doc then TRIED to quickly administer the shot. TRIED.


Julien gave a big kick and his facial expression changed immediately from a smiley one to a pain-stricken one!

Our poor boy!

Reminder to readers: I know I was being overly emotional over this… but I guess it’s normal for us first time, new parents!

But thankfully, the wailing lasted for at most a minute. Once we are out of the doc’s room, Julien looked almost smiley once again…

IMG00006-20101104-1632 (3)


We also noticed his thigh where the shot was being administered was a little bloody…


Must be because he kicked when he was being injected.

All in all, we still think that Julien is our


*Clap x6

It has been a day after his vaccination and we are glad that it has been so far so good. No fever, nothing. Thank God! :)


Klessis said...

He's beginning to look ALOT like Jared!!! =D

Jerb said...

Like father like son!