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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Julien’s charming smile

My 2.5 months of block maternity leave is coming to an end. And that also means I will be spending much lesser time with my little darling.

One thing I will definitely miss is his charming smile. Just about a couple of weeks ago, we realized we are able to make him smile. It’s a mini milestone really! Babies start responding to external stimuli by smiling, from 2 months onwards. The smiles they smile when they are just newly born are without emotional content.

Here’s me getting little Julien to smile… What a great joy for me now!


Julien is such a charmer… at least in my eyes!



San said...

I agree with you too! Julien has an adorable cheeky grin! :) He is gonna be a real charmer when he grows up, man!

Give it time, you will learn the magical art of octopus-ing, i.e. balancing work and family and kid well! :)

Jerb said...

HAHA! Thank God for u all who have gone before me... I know it's possible to juggle!

San said...

Haha! Yes... we are living (more or less) proof that it IS possible to be a FTWM! :D