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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Japanese Dining in Phuket + Dairy Queen Blizzards!

You’ll know food is good when you see an impatient queue forming out a restaurant early in the evening at 7pm. Jared and I made a mental note to go early to dine at Fuji Japanese restaurant outside Jungceylon mall in Patong, Phuket when we chanced upon this scene on our first day in Patong.


The menu looks real good……… attractive pricing and good variety of course!


We were not disappointed when we show up at the restaurant the next evening.


IMG_0820 Huge Sashimi platter for SGD 32


Complete Bento sets ranging from SGD 9 to SGD 11. You can eat like a king here………….


You fancy a seafood steak set for SGD 13 ?


Or a delicate beef teriyaki set at SGD 10. Comes with soup, salad, rice and some kimchi?!


We saw at least 3 other Singaporean couples sitting around. How do we know they are Singaporeans? By the LARGE amount of food they ordered like us and by the credit cards they used to pay the bill…….. Hahaha!

We ordered this much……


Jared’s gyoza ramen set at only SGD 5+


My hotplate teriyaki beef set…. Yum Yum


And we shared a beef stew + a large plate of octupus balls…. We were literally gorging.. Didnt expect portions to be so big….



Craving desserts…….. we headed down to Dairy Queen where Jared got hooked onto their Blizzards… essentially a much nicer version of MacDonalds McFlurry ice-cream but with lotsa more flavors.


Choco Oreo, Coffee Mocha… Choco Mint, Caramel hazelnut… All sorts of flavors on the menu…. Jared went for a new flavor which was absolutely delicious! – STRAWBERRY TRUFFLE which was not available in Singapore yet for only SGD 2 dollars for a large cup!!! Mine on the right was a Choco Truffle.



If you wanna try one, you can troop down to Singapore Expo’s Orange Julius or the one at Takashimaya Square to try a Blizzard or others like waffle cones and ice-blends etc.


Jared was so hooked that the weekend he was back in Singapore from Phuket, he went to buy a Blizzard from Singapore Expo’s Orange Julius! But course, the price was double of that in Phuket!

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