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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Infant Hair Cut

My darling Julien is coming to 3 months old and we brought him for his very first hair cut! According to chinese “customs” that in order for his hair to grow well, we need to shave it all off 4 weeks after birth. But we just could not bear to touch his nice crop of hair complete with sideburns at birth!

Mummy’s prayer for LOTS of hair was answered in abundance. Julien’s rate of hair growth is kinda astonishing, his sideburns are now out of shape and his hair was getting so long that he was starting to get sweaty almost all the time.

So off we went to Kitz Connexion at Roxy Square #01-60. Julien’s haircut was priced at a reasonable $12.


Mummy ‘ordered’ the hairstylist to trim the hair in a stylish way and to KEEP THOSE PRECIOUS SIDEBURNS!

And so the hairstylist started to trim his sides with a pair of scissors…


Somehow the epidural…. err no…. the drowsiness began to set in….. much to Jared’s relief.

i am sleepy!

We wondered how Julien can sleep so peacefully with the noisy hair shaver right behind his ears! This is one of the few amazing things only babies can do! The other is to sleep and drink milk at the same time…


The comb looks kinda HUGE next to Julien’s head!

i am still sleepy!

The art of deep slumber during a hair cut has been mastered by Julien.


I was busy taking tissue paper to wipe the remnants off his face to ensure he was not swallowing his own hair!


Jared is looking flustered as he had to contort Julien into different positions during the hair cut while supporting his fragile neck. Only after the haircut was 95% done, then Julien started waking up… Phew!


Voila…! Some baby powder and cleaning up and All is done! The entire haircut took about 15 minutes.

all done

Tips for parents:

1a. There was so MUCH little baby hair all over his face and body after the haircut! Thank God we brought an extra change of clothing for Julien.

b. Whoever is carrying the baby should bring a change of clothes as well especially if you are planning to go out after this. Jared had lots of baby hair all over his shirt even though he wore a cover.

2. Do ensure you feed the baby before the haircut. Julien drank his milk on the way here. If haircut time coincided with feeding time, I dare say the hairstylist and us would have a VERY HARD and longer TIME instead.

So here is Julien pre-haircut



And here’s the post-haircut Julien!



Well done Julien boy! :)


Erch said...

Darchy! the top is still as bushy! :p

edmund said...

Haha...Nice La :)

Jerb said...

Ed > Thanks! :)

Erch > We want to eventually let him leave long hair... that's why!

evelynneo said...

Looking like beckman-hair in the making! NICE! :)

Jerb said...

Hmmm.. Hope his face also will grow to be like Beckham's! :)