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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sick baby

It’s morning and I am having some peace, enjoying my simple breakfast.

Peace because…


my cutie pie is finally sound asleep after 1.5 days of really bad sleep and as a result, extreme crankiness.

My poor boy had caught a cold 2 days ago. My MIL tells me the FLU is the worst common ailment a little child can get. And I think I totally AGREE!

Mucus and phlegm gets stuck in his nose and throat. He kinda stops breathing and snorts instead. He can’t drink his milk properly but is hungry, he can’t sleep but is sleepy.

HUNGRY baby + SLEEPY baby = ANGRY baby :(

And when we tried all ways to extract the mucus from his nose, Julien would scream and wail as if we were cutting off his nose instead. It was a really 杀鸡 kind of a cry.

You can imagine Mummy’s heart was super shattered to hear him cry these past 2 days…


Anyway, the reason why he may have caught the flu bug was because he went to 2 hospitals the day before. He went for his weekly visit to the pediatrician at East Shore Hospital for his infected umbilical cord.

Here’s how bad it looks


And here’s how badly stained his romper is


After a powder, an ointment and even oral antibiotics were given, there’s still quite alot of pus oozing out and so the PD finally referred Julien to a baby surgeon as he may need to close any open duct/cord surgically.

Did he say ‘SURGEON’?!

My 6 week old baby needs to see a surgeon?!

Thank God after we went to see the surgeon at Mount E that same day, he felt there was no need for any surgical procedures. In fact, we were to stop all applications of medication and just monitor for the next few days.

**PHEW** for now…!!!

We are keeping our fingers crossed, praying that the infected area heals quickly… and of course that his flu gets better too.

In the meantime, we’ve stopped all airconditioning. He sleeps elevated (supposedly easier for his breathing through his blocked nose) on the bouncer or on my MIL’s arms (it happened the last 2 nights!) and the hubby’s colleague recommended switching on hot water in the bathroom then bringing baby in to breathe in the steam. The surgeon actually told us there’s no need for medication for flu as the flu will go away by itself. No need for concern about the stuffy nose too since babies are mouth breathers. I am really not too sure about this but Hmm… we’ll see. If Julien acts up again today,


So this morning, besides a little snorting here and there, it’s peace and quiet for a longer moment as our little Screamer rests…

Sleep baby, sleep well…


Est said...

Hi Jerby:

Gosh I hope Julien recovers soon!
C's PD told us not to worry about the stuffy nose too cause its quite common. Then we realized that C had quite abit of "nose stuffings" which was the cause of the stuffy nose. Our PD recommended "Illiadin", a nose drop which is effective. I realized I could get it at any pharmacy for less than Sgd10. Tried it on C a couple of times, pretty good, he sneezed out the "nose stuffings" and his breathing was regulated.

Get well soon Baby J!

Anonymous said...

my little boy has the flu too...though not as serious, got a nasal spray fr the PD (to clear the mucus) and it sort of helps. :)

San said...

Sigh... sick babies are the worst kind :( Hope Julien is allllll better better. That infection looks nasty, and painful!

Jerb said...

Esther> Thanks for the recommendation!

San> Yup! Nasty... :(