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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Philips Carnival Sale 30-31 Oct 10 Review

Jared got a mail flyer and headed down with his mum to the Philips warehouse at Toa Payoh Lorong 1 yesterday to hopefully grab some bargains at the bi-annual Philips “Carnival Sale.”


Loads of traffic and hordes of bargain-hunters! Made Jared regret a bit for not choosing to stay at home and snooze……..


It was a rainy day but it didn’t deter the diehard Singaporean bargain-hunting spirit! Hourly-sale items priced at 80% discount will trigger hordes of shoppers to a particular booth.

The reason why it was called a “carnival sale” was probably because the sale tentage was arranged in a U-shape with booths all around aka bazaar style game booths complete with uncles selling $1 Magnolia ice-cream off their motorcycles at the entrance of the sale.


Despite the hot and humid conditions, it was relatively easy to navigate. You must hand it to Philips for neatly arranging the booths by product nature. Dvd players/TVs at 1 end followed by Philips Avente baby product range, small home appliances like electric toothbrushes/irons/rice cookers were followed by home care appliances like vacuum cleaners/lights and personal products like shavers and ends with the sale of MP3 products + computer monitors.

You might think the booth that temped Jared the most was the LED TV booth???


Incorrect! The ice-blender sale booth was where he spent a lot of time at! He was busy gulping down the free ice blends from the ice-blender demo auntie to quench his thirst + cool down from the maddening crowd. And my mother-in-law actually asked him to a buy the ice-blender to make bubble tea at home! :S


Of course, the sole mindset of everyone is whether the Carnival Sale is really worth going. Honestly, it probably was so because most items were going for 30% off and the stock clearance items were going for maybe 50-70% cheaper.

Some Philips Carnival Sale 2010 price lists below.



Philips Avente Baby Products! – Good buys. 




Electric Toothbrushes


Steam irons and all the exotic irons


Vacuum Cleaners


And they offer freebies if you spend above $200.


And this is Jared’s loot………….


Blender cum steamer to prepare pureed food for Julien in future :-D at $150. Comes with freebies like a Magic Cup + 2 storage cups.


Electric steriliser at $120 comes with 2 125ml bottles as freebies amongst others.


Alarm clock radio which can be connected with your I-pod or I-touch to play music at just $19


Vacuum cleaner for my mother-in-law.


And the freebies from Philips for racking up a $600+ bill. An electric shaver + ATAS toaster which comes with LED light.


All in all, Jared thinks its a pretty worth-your-time kind of sale. The good thing is stocks are plentiful so you can stroll in leisurely to buy items without worrying items get sold out fast. But do apply online for free to be a member then you can enjoy queuing in air-conditioned lobby instead of jostling in open air tentage with the public to make payment. Perks for members include free coffee, sweets and accumulation of bonus points! :-D


San said...

Haha! I went too, and thankfully your laogong reminded me to register online, so I did, an hour before going in. Prob 2nd day, so my crowd not as bad, but still got loads of people! Got the sterilizer too! Haha!

Jerb said...

Yes, many good deals there. Our harvest was also PLENTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

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Electric Toothbrush said...

I wish I could be there next time. There are so many awesome deals and all under one roof.
I can share the loot too next time!
When is it planned again???