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Monday, October 25, 2010

Julien’s 1st Book

I am very proud to announce to everyone Julien’s very 1st accomplishment. He finished A book, his FIRST book 2 days ago!

Well, Ting bought Julien a cloth book when he was 2 weeks old. And the title is “Twinkle Twinkle Elmo”. How cute!


Ever since, I had been trying to read the book to Julien.

In order to ‘captivate’ my restless baby, I used my sweetest, cutest, most high-pitched voice (if you know me personally, you’ll know how DIFFICULT it is for me to speak in a HIGH-pitched voice). BTW you would NEVER EVER hear me speak in such a voice as it would definitely draw puke from you lol! This is only for my child(ren)’s ears!

Sadly however, before last Saturday, I had been failing to capture Julien’s attention to finish the entire book. Before I could go on further, he would fidget, wriggle and/or wail. I wonder if it was my voice, hah!

Then, dee day came when Julien was looking fairly interested and calm and he was staring intently at the wallpaper above him. I guess he might be feeling a ‘lil bored? And so I cradled him in my arms, lifted the book in front of his face and started reading… and read.. and read…


The stars were ‘mobile’ and could really ‘come in and say ‘good night!’’


We could even lift up the lid of the box and find David inside!


My favorite page with a ‘mobile’ cloth toothbrush and a mirror! Cooool!

And we finally finished the little book together! :)



And so, happy mummy will now try to start on Julien’s 2nd cloth book. I sure hope he likes it too! :)


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