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Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Shower Party!

Our dear Julien officially turns 1 month old 2 Sundays ago. As with Chinese tradition, we hosted a baby shower (or should we say a massive FOUR parties) to thank all our relatives & friends for their generous gifts and kind wishes.

The schedule went clockwork like this….. Over 100 people came to our place over 1 weekend. Thank you guys for coming!!!

Round 1 Sat noon – Jared’s relatives (35 pax)

Round 2 Sat nite – Jerb’s relatives (35pax)

Round 3 Sun noon – Some of our church friends (30 pax)

Round 4 Sun nite – Our old-time friends (20 pax)

And a successful baby shower is certainly made up of these factors …….

1) Auspicious items like red eggs and Hainanese glutinous rice cakes (these were handmade by Jared’s aunt and were absolutely delicious!!!)



2) Food glorious Food (We decided to give the perennial favourite Neo Garden a miss and try out Kim’s Kitchen and PastaMania catering. Let’s just say we had no regrets. Delicious food and VERY generous quantities. Different food items for every single round of catering!

Kim’s Kitchen



IMG_0329 IMG_0372

 Pasta Mania Catering



IMG_0387 IMG_0389

3) The excellent COMPANY of relatives, friends and colleagues.



The kids were well entertained by our Nintendo Wii.





4) The help of my dear sis Jasmine who helped us to tidy our place. We could not have done it without you wonderful gal!


5) The STAR himself…. Lim Ming Yao Julien!

Passing the ‘parcel’?…

all with ju

dan and ju

Julien on Day 1 wearing a cute animal theme outfit

Day one

Julien on Day 2 looking oh so COOOL in his Burberry’s


Jared and I will like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who attended Julien’s baby shower. Thank you for taking your precious time out to come and thank you for all your generous gifts and numerous angpows. We really feel very blessed. Special mention to 2 couples who have been especially generous towards us.

a) Juner & Kelvin – your generous gift of a Combi Miracle Turn stroller + Bumbo seat


b) Raymond & Karen (my bro & sis in law) – for passing us your expensive baby crib, musical bouncer, Avent bottles and sponsoring us a brand new Combi Coccoro car seat!


Finally, thank God our son is healthy and good. We made it past 1 month after much getting used to our little boy’s waking patterns and constant hunger! :-D


San said...

Whee! What a milestone! Congrats!!!

Kelvin Ang said...

I guess I should have split up my guests also. I was dashing everywhere like a mad man and some of my guest were left there alone for quite some time. I did about 100 guest in one sitting.

Come to think of it again...I will probably make it two sessions next time!

Jerb said...

> San: We survived!

> Kelvin: But the cons for doing more sessions are more preparation, more cleaning and more socializing... so it's really more tiring!

Anonymous said...

I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?