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Friday, September 03, 2010

Pre-POP lunch

38 wks

From today onwards, I’m counting down to NINE more days to my Expected Due Date.

At 38 weeks 0 days, Baby J has grown to an estimated 3.11kg (an increase of 300+g over just one week!). No wonder I am feeling the weight of him!

As I was on leave today to TRY to take a break from work, my dear colleagues spontaneously decided on a pre-POP lunch for me yesterday… In the event that I pop over this weekend!

We decided on a cheaper place so that we could also go for dessert. And we appropriately chose QIJI. In English, it means ‘MIRACLE’. Yes, I need the not-so-big-really miracle to pop NOW.

So off we went.

Lunch at Qiji…


And then we went next door for our Hong Kong desserts @ Passion Desserts @ Suntec Tower 2 level 1.


Here were our desserts…


Top left: My glutinous rice with vanilla ice-cream and coconut juice (with choice of fruit)

Top right: San & Wen’s mango sago with pomelo… My favorite!

Bottom left: Cyn’s watermelon sago

Bottom right: Gracy’s mango sago


Thanks gals for the pre-pop lunch!

Wen Cyn

San Jer Gracu

I wonder where will be the place I see you all the next time?



Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

Est said...

Jerby, do sms me when u pop! I wanna see baby JJJJJJJ
How i wish i thought of this pre-pop lunch idea. Now its so difficult to lunch with friends "post-pop"!

Jerb said...

Hey Est, while your confinement lady is still around, you can just give us a ring and we'll lunch together! :D