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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Post-natal Massage


This UFO (Unidentified Fat Object) is not some fragile cargo. It’s not a plastic container either. 

It’s me. My stomach. Being wrapped… and wrapped… and wrapped. 

Like most preggies, weight loss especially getting back a flattened tummy is one of our utmost personal concerns after we give birth. And so I booked this Indo-Chinese massage lady recommended by many of my female colleagues to help me massage away the wind and yes, the fats.

At the end of each 1-hour session, there would be this torturous yet must-do last step. In fact, I feel rather like a sadist, enjoying the pain inflicted on my body… But for the sake of a FLATTER if not flattened tummy, I must and I will go through this!

So for 8 days, the massage lady applies a thick layer of lotion consisting of ginger, lemon grass and oil (this lotion is good for getting rid of wind), wraps it over with a red, curtain-like textured cloth that’s about like 1.5m? long, and fastens it with a blue elastic piece with Velcro strap and lastly wraps with clear wrap. Think HOT + SWEATY + sometimes ITCHY…. and I bear with it for 8 days, about 12 hours each day. *Congrats to myself!*

At the end of the 8 massage sessions, I must say there are some results. My tummy had indeed grown smaller but not completely flattened. I encourage myself that it’s only 2+ weeks since my delivery. Yes, 2 weeks has passed only… and besides a tummy to flatten, there’s also SIX more kilos to lose. DUN GIVE UP JERB!!!



Edmund said...

I think the whole family must be glad that Daddy is home!

Jerb said...

Yes! V v glad! :)

Anonymous said...

hi can share the contact of the massage lady?

Jerb said...

Sure! Could you drop me an email?