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Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Confinement Food

Unlike our Western counterparts, and right now I am envying them cos after delivery they start eating their normal WESTERN food, we Asians believe in eating well and eating right during the one month confinement period straight after our delivery.

Specific ingredients are used in the diets of these mothers in order to build up their healths, prevent future ailments such as premature aging and rheumatism as well as to boost their milk production.

My mother-in-law (MIL) is quite well-versed in such confinement food recipes. I see fish, pork, ginger, sesame oil, wolfberries or gouzi used in almost all my meals. Here are some food that I have been eating.

*Note: Confinement foods should be eaten by the women undergoing confinement only and not for the rest of the family. It’s believed to be too ‘heaty’ for a normal person. My MIL commented that if she shared food with me, she will suffer from stroke! :p

Many of the youth don’t know this but we are not supposed to drink plain water for this one month! Plain water causes water retention and ‘wind’ in our stomachs!

So I have been drinking some dates & longan water… It consists of black, red and another type of dates, dried longan (the kind used for confinement and not for dessert) and a couple of other Chinese herbs.


The other drink my MIL made was the Black Bean Drink. Just black beans with red dates and walla!

The only other drinks I drink during confinement is my Ammum milk (for lactating mothers) and my favorite drink of each day – MILO!

Here are some foods that I eat everyday and will continue to eat for the next one month…! You can imagine my strong craving for Macdonalds’, Sushi, char kway teow…

Pig’s Stomach and Pork Porridge with lots of sesame oil.


My MIL bought more pig’s stomach and cooked soup as well.. with some potatoes. Delicious!


Mee sua soup with pork, pork liver and vege.

mee sua

Black Chicken Soup, unsalted.


Some of the herbs used in boiling this Black Chicken Soup. My MIL said there’s this herb used called Bei Qi and that’s why normal people cannot take the soup. Too heaty!


‘Expensive’/ High class Cai Xin


Fish…. Supposedly VERY good for milk production.

My favorite cod fish. My MIL cooks almost one portion for me everyday… She normally cooks it with ginger but for this particular day, she skipped it because Julien had jaundice.


Some other fish…. MIL says not all fish can be eaten during confinement.


Sesame Oil Chicken… Delicious too!


Sesame Oil Pork with Pig’s Kidney.

I don’t like Pig’s Kidney!


And my MIL said I can have red bean soup dessert during my confinement. Yippee!

Red Bean Soup with Lotus Seed. My MIL makes this restaurant style! Sedap!


My MIL promised me to let me try her Zhu1 Jiao3 Chu4 or Pig Trotters with Vinegar soon!

I have heard of some confinement food that are deep-fried but my MIL steams, stir-fries, boils my food. So I think my confinement food is considered very healthy. Hopefully, I can lose my remaining excess kilos soon!

Can’t wait for AFTER 1.5 months!


Kelvin Ang said...

I am getting very very sick of the food my confinement nanny is cooking. LOL

Sometimes, I just want to pay her the remaining amount and for her to pack up and go home.

Jerb said...

Is it still the same? Mabbe can pass her some recipes and give her some new ideas.

jotoh said...

Wow Jerb! You're very well-fed and "补bu3"!

Jerb said...

I hope I dun put on weight! :p

San said...

I am happy you are so enjoying (most) of your confinement food. Lord help ME. :P

susan said...

hey gal, actually can drink plain water but must add in rice ( my mil fried the uncooked rice and i have to add in some each time i drink water. ) its said to get rid of the wind. otherwise... no water for me and i will die... coz i dun like the ginger logan dates drink though i had to drink.. eeeeks.

Jerb said...

San > I dun exactly enjoy the food... but since it's only 1.5 months, just BEAR with it!

Susan > Does it taste different with the rice in it?

Denise and Debbie said...

Yummy! I love confinement food, esp the Pig Trotters Vinegar :)

NIQ said...

wow Jerb, your confinement meal looks like international buffet sia!!! haha

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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CB said...

Hello there ! I have moved to Singapore 2 years ago and I was very intrigued and interested by the confinement period and the philosophy behind it ...until I hit the food subject!! While, I believe into the Mum to rest and get some help as much as possible for the first month, I have made my research and being western I do not buy into all the principles. I guess a good balance of calcium, vitamines, and high protein and low carb diet to give you the energy you need to face motherhood and breast feeding should do, in some extend it is probably what you get with the confinement food - but have to say, the diet does not look really attractive ;-). For the rest, avoiding wind/water etc...unfortunately there is no scientific analysis which have ever proved that it is more beneficial for you, I guess the tradition and believe passed from generation to generation makes it still quite valid with the new generation. It is quite interesting for a westerner eye actually.

Anonymous said...

Hi, ur comfindment food look nice!