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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mount Alvernia Delivery Experience Part II

Ok… I know….. Many of our friends are asking where is the followup post to my previous post. So here goes………. First thing off my heart – I am so grateful to God for a safe delivery. Mummy Jerb and my dear son, Julien are both safe and sound. And very grateful to all our family members and our friends, especially Ps Ed and his lovely wife Jiahui for their prayers and tremendous support/counsel. 

IMG_0076Jerb and I were full of anticipation on Saturday night. As Jerb was only 1cm dilated, we stayed overnight in the freezing delivery suite no.5 to await further dilation. Jerb was only able to sleep very minimally as she was experiencing contractions every 10 mins which resulted in the mucus plug (photographed below) being expelled as well. It looks like a chockful of phlegm.

IMG_0075The pain suffered by Jerb and the lack of sleep made both of us full of anticipation for Dr Adrian Tan to arrive the next morning. We couldn’t wait to find out how much dilation occurred during the 11 hours of mild contractions. Upon a VE, he told Jerb she was only 1.5cm dilated. We were kinda crest-fallen….. only 0.5 cm in the past 11 hrs!!! But we really began to pray even harder that the dilation pace will go well and for a safe delivery. The worst case scenario looming was the possibility of an emergency Caesarian operation in the event the dilation remains too slow and inadvertently causing distress to the fetus.


Dr Adrian decided to put Jerb on a Syntocinon drip to stimulate contractions as well as a antibiotics drip to prevent infection for the fetus.

IMG_0078 IMG_0079

My brave wife was not about to give up on her idea of a all natural delivery. She endured the increased contractions of the Syntocinon drip and the nausea caused by the antibiotics drip for the next 3 hours. At 1215pm, a VE check yielded the result of the cervix being 3 cm dilated. By that time, the VE check was so painful for Jerb that it made push the hand of the nurse who was administering the check again. The increased contractions described by Jerb to be 10 times worse than bad menstrual cramps saw Jerb whimpering out in pain everytime a contraction come along. The nitrous oxide gas mask was employed but to little effect for Jerb. My eyes was frequently checking on the CTG monitor to look at the frequency and intensity of contractions for Jerb as well as the heartbeat of the fetus J.

The tears flowing down jerb’s cheeks were really too much for me to bear that I actually asked Jerb to consider a Caesarian operation instead. Finally at 1230pm, we decided that Jerb receives pain relief in the form of an epidural jab as we expect the labour to go on for at least 7 hours due to the slow nature of dilation. This was possibly the BEST decision we made throughout the whole labour.

The anesthesiologist arrived within 15 minutes and made Jerb curl up her knees in order to administer the epidural. Once the epidural kicked in, Jerb began to relax physically. The contractions actually became more intense but yet Jerb did not feel as much pain. PTL! The relaxed body helped dilation tremendously!

1230pm Sunday  - 3 cm dilated

230pm Sunday  - 8cm dilated

330pm Sunday  - 10cm dilated!!!!!!!!

With the aid of 2 mid-wives and Dr Adrian Tan + my support, Jerb began to make a final push for baby J to come out into this world. Amazingly, all the pushing drama just played out for a few mins before the sweet cries of baby J resounded throughout the delivery suite.


JULIEN LIM has arrived!!!!

Check out the umbilical cord held on by Dr Tan at the bottom right hand of the picture above!

Here are all the pictures of Julien’s very first few minutes in this world! Enjoy!

Julien Lim being cleaned upIMG_0085-tile

Vital Statistics of Julien Lim as below

- 51cm in length, 33cm in head circumference and 3.27kg in body weight

combi pic

The occasion left Jerb and me in tears……. Julien is finally here. Absolutely a surreal experience. Overwhelmed by the beauty of God’s creation.

IMG_0092The young life of our dear son largely revolves around these activities the past 2 days while in Mount Alvernia Hospital.

a) Feeding b) Sleeping c) Posing for photos with all his “uncles” and “aunties” d) Looking around his world to satisfy his inquisitive nature.


The below picture best sums up the feelings of us as new parents. We are determined to protect, love and provide for our son the best we know how. I just love this picture! Check out his full head of hair and nice big eyes just like Jerb’s !


And we are one HAPPY JL family!

– Jared Lim, Jerblinn Lim & Julien Lim :-)



Jayme Shing said...

Totally enjoyed reading this entry and the previous one! So so so happy for you all!!!! Congrats once again!! :) :)

Kelvin Ang said...

Congrats congrats!!! :D

Jerb said...

Thanks for your well-wishes! :)

jotoh said...

How are u settling at home?

Enjoy readg e entries!

Saw how Baby Julien wriggle his hand out of his clothes last night!

What a smart & handsome boy!

Jerb said...

Thanks Jo! We are settling well, much thanks to my fantastic MIL!

bernicekoo said...

Hellloooo Jared, Jerb and Julien, can't wait to see the 3 of U! Sad I couldn't be there that night but really happy for the JL family. Once again, CONGRATS!!!! :)

Nicole Tay said...

Hi Jerblinn & Jared!!
CONGRATS!!! anddd hello baby Julien!!! =]*waves*

Jerb said...

Bernice: Thanks, and no prob abt it... We'll be around :)

Nicole: Thanks! Julien says "hi" too. Lol!

van poh said...

CONGRATS!! Happy for you all :D:D