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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Mount Alvernia Delivery Experience Part I

This is brought to you “LIVE” courtesy of the free WIFI service provided by Mount Alvernia Hospital :-) The birth story so far………..from the hubby of course :-P


715 pm  - In the midst of a late afternoon nap, Jerb felt a spurt of warm liquid “down there”

730 pm  - Jerb screams for Jared “Dear, I think THIS IS IT!” Jared’s brain took 5 seconds to connect. “OMG!, That’s the water bag right?” The scrambling to pack begins….

740pm  - Jerb takes a shower while Jared is busy calling his sister to buy dinner for Jerb and zips around the house to pack the Blackberry charger, laptop charger, camera charger + cables etc. The phones ring incessantly……. Jared is answering his mobile on his left hand and answering Jerb’s mobile on his right.

750pm  - Jerb asks “Dear, can you get my pads for me?” Jared: “Huh, what pads?” Jerb rolls her eyes.

820pm  - Jared’s mum arrives and starts to nag at Jared “Quickly pack lah…. Water bag burst already, afterwards inside NO WATER… No good for baby….. Later must put on drip!” Jerb wonders which hospital her MIL went to for her 3 kids’ deliveries.

835pm  - Jared’s dad picks up the couple and promptly ferry them to Mount Alvernia Hospital.

840pm  - Jerb was propped onto a wheelchair upon arrival and sent to the delivery suite. Lotsa nurses milling around the front desk of the delivery ward. The friendly nurses made Jerb felt very reassured. Seems like it is a lull night, Jared counts less than 4 rooms occuppied out of about 12 rooms. Maybe it’s the 7th month or lotsa couples are trying to avoid coming before midnight to save a night’s worth of charges. Btw the next 3 to 4 hrs in the delivery suite will set you back by $220 for ward charges + $95 for the consumables.

845ppm – Nurses did a VE on Jerb  and she is 1 cm dilated. Painless so far…..


9pm   - Jared settles Jerb’s admission at the very friendly ADMISSIONS OFFICE while Jerb sips her milo watching KUNGFU PANDA on the LCD TV


10pm  - Jerb starts to feel the contractions coming in waves. Jared tries to distract Jerb from the pain by talking to her.

1020pm  - “Hello Jer Blinn, HOW IS LIFE?"” Jerb’s ever smiling and cheerful gynae Dr Adrian Tan’s voice precedes his presence. He swings into the room to pay a visit. Jared and Jerb are amazed at how Dr Tan is always consistently cheerful, be it in the morning, be it in the evening. Dr Tan tells Jerb most likely tomorrow morning baby J will make his appearance. Jared wonders won’t that mean Dr Tan can’t attend his church service on sunday? haha……

1030pm  - Jerb tries to catch some shut-eye in the midst of the increasing contractions.

If you happen to read this blog post these few hours, do us a favor by praying for a quick and uncomplicated delivery for Jerb and Baby J will be safe + sound. We will be so grateful for your prayers :-)))


edmund said...

Looking forward to J's arrival! :0

MJ said...

congratulations! i guess baby J should be out by now.. :)

Kelvin Ang said...

Looking forward too! And my wife still have no sign of popping!

Jerb said...

Ed and MJ: Yes baby J finally out after about 19 hours!

Kelvin: Wow! Your son must be too comfortable inside! ;)