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Monday, September 13, 2010

1 Week Old Baby

Yay! Julien is 1 week old! And yes, we survived the first 7 days of coping with the responsibilities of a young life in our family. The well documented sleepless nights + feeding joys/woes + diaper changes really went clockwork in our experience. It left us kinda exhausted but thankfully, we had the support of Jared’s parents and sister who are staying with us because their home is undergoing major renovations.

Here is little Julien in full form:

day by day montage

The 3 day Hari Raya Puasa long weekend went past us in a flash……. Feels like the movie GroundHog Day everyday! Bathing, diapering, sterilising, breastfeeding, doing laundry and feeding/burping Julien….. the cycle repeats itself endlessly but it’s all worth it as long as our dear son is kept healthy.

See below pic…. We’re not strangling Julien….. just trying to get him to burp after a good feed. =)


In this past 1 week, we have been receiving a flurry of visitors. Thank you all for all your well wishes and we have really been overwhelmed by your generosity. A peek at what we have been blessed with by our generous friends!

1) Sharp Plasmacluster KC-840E air purifier cum humidifier courtesy of our very generous Ps Edmund + fellow ET zone leaders. This is Jared’s favourite gift, keeping Julien’s environment clean and not too drying for his skin despite the air conditioning! Huge thanks for this gift! They even bought us Harvey Norman extended warranty for $100!

air purifier

2) Crib Musical Mobile from my godmum. Comes with a Beethoven melody to entertain little Julien.

crib musical mobile

3) Diapers (mainly newborn + small) – from Esther/Adrian + Aunt Jenny + Ps Lily. Useful! Adding to the bludgeoning collection of Drypers in the storeroom. Pampers and Huggies family…… SAY CHEESE!


4) Philips Avent Digital Steriliser – from our great buddies Edmund & Minghui + Keith & Shermin. The most utilised gift so far!


5) One of my essentials – Bird Nest with Collagen from Kai Lin! Good for skin… esp since i am expecting MORE sleepless nights!!!


6) Angpows courtesy of Juner & Kel, Joe & Em, Esther & Adrian + Wendy & Ken. We absolutely appreciate this practical gift! Thank u for your generosity!


7) Cute baby soft toy + hand-sewn retro bolster filled with green bean goodness to put on Julien’s chest! – from Francis & Cheng. I think this handmade pillow is so thoughtful! Personalised with Julien’s name too!


8) Angpow + Animal book+CD + Baby Wipes and Baby on Board car sign – from E99!


9) Nutritional Supplements! – Courtesy of Uncle Tiong & Aunt Linda. My MIL says such stuff are what she received during her confinement too :-)


10) CLOTHES GALORE! – Too many to mention in this post……… will post separately…. Our little boy is gonna be so fashionable…. And his parents are so jealous of him…. A sneak preview of one such gift. I know……. I know………….VERY ATAS (high class) right?


Promise you guys the next time I blog I’ll try not to take as long as another week….. Now off to sleep!


Kelvin Ang said...

Nice!! That is a lot of gifts!

kailin said...

Can't wait to see you and Baby Julien again soon! He's growing so fast by the days!

sinee said...

hihi jerb.this is sin ee from w472. just want to say that baby julien is sooo cute :}:}