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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What to eat @ Tampines? Try Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant at Tampines One.

A few reasons why:

1. Variety

Its offerings are similar to those of the Hongkong cafes that have sprouted all around our little island. But really, don’t you just enjoy the variety of foods that these cafes provide? Baked rice, spaghettis, those oh so sinful toasts, soup noodles, snacks like mini drumlets and fries and not forgetting those ‘high’ and mighty desserts.

2. One for one promotion after 9:30 pm!

IMG00006-20100807-2152 00000

This reason is good enough! That fateful Saturday, Jared and I saw the promo after we entered the restaurant and we did THAT Singaporean thing. Order desserts first THEN when our watches striked NINE THIRTY, we raised our hands to order the mains. HAHA!

3. Good food

With the generous amounts of cheese on alot of their foods, what can really go wrong?

I forgot to take a picture of this side dish - the assorted mushrooms. But it comes with 3-4 types of mushrooms baked in like 1-2 CHEESES. Ooh, if you are a cheese fan, you will absolutely LURVE this dish! We had it on our tables for only 7 mins max.

Here are our mains… one-for-one!


My spicy noodle with fried chicken wings. Choose it only if you can take the spice as well as ALOT… i mean ALOT ALOT of fried garlic.

We ordered 2 baked rice- one with pork chop, the other with chicken chop, topped with Swiss cheese. Again, what could go wrong if you are a cheese fan?


And my MIL ordered some HK fried rice with pork chop. Savory!

IMG00005-20100807-2150 00000

Each dish costs about $8-$10 BEFORE the promo. So it was really worth our $$$!

Do try Kim Gary at Tampines One basement one (#B1-07) if you are hanging around the area later in the night.

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