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Monday, August 09, 2010

Sakae Sushi Dinner + Delicious Cupcakes!

2 Saturdays ago, after visiting Esther and Baby C, me and my siblings met up at Changi Airport’s Sakae Sushi for dinner. That was the 34857th time we have been eating there together!





Beautiful gift from Trena… Wonderfully and lovingly handbaked GORGEOUS cupcakes with our faces and names on it!


And here’s me and my pretty ‘Jerb’ cupcake!


And last of all me at 35 weeks! 5 more weeks max to go….!


Went to see the gynae a few days ago and Baby J was weighing 2.3 kg! Baby, you are really getting heavier!

These weeks, I have been craving for junk food. BUT, I am starting to not like eating meat again (just like during my 1st trimester) and am preferring to eat my veges and carbo. Strange…. Maybe it’s because my mother-in-law reminded me that I will be eating 1.5 months of confinement, home-cooked food!

This is the week that I will be packing my Hospital Bag cos I might pop ANYTIME.

Here is a list of things to bring taken from the Huggies website:

  • A comfortable, loose fitting nightie or T-shirt that you can wear through labour and give birth in. You should expect that this may get covered in the fluids from delivery.

  • A water bottle/sweets/glucose tablets.

  • Any snacks or drinks you would like to have on hand.

  • Your birthplan

  • Lip balm

  • Warm socks (your feet may get very cold during labour). You should be prepared to throw these away after the delivery.

  • Massage equipment - oils, creams.

  • Heat pack

  • Camera and video camera (ask before you start taking video footage)

  • CD's to play during the birth of your baby.

  • Your birth announcements

  • Phone cards and coins for making calls. (I think we can just bring our mobile phones:))

  • Make-up and hair brush for immediately after the birth if you would like to touch up for the initial photos. – IMPORTANT!


    And before I go, I wanna wish my dear Country Singapore a very HAPPY 45th BIRTHDAY!!!

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