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Saturday, August 28, 2010

King Koil Warehouse Sale & Takashimaya Baby Fair etc

Since Baby J is due anytime these 2 weeks, Jared has been busy shopping for all the baby necessities & packing while I was busy working on the aesthetics for our baby room + doing up a scrapbook for Baby J!

A few weeks ago, he chanced upon an advert for King Koil warehouse sale at the far far far FAR away Sungei Kadut Industrial Estate. So with our trusty Holux GPS, we found our way to the warehouse sale at 6pm together with Jared’s parents and sister.


We soon discovered that the once in a year sale is REALLY WORTH the time for newly-weds who are shopping for their lovenest or for those of us like us looking to shop for a guestroom/baby room. This King Koil sale retails more than just beds and bedlinen. They actually sell furniture like sofa beds, coffee tables, shoe cabinets and even wardrobes etc. As Jared’s parents are renovating their place, his amazing sister bought a trundle bed, a shoe cabinet and a TV console within an hour. That’s mainly because they were going for about 30% to 50% off and the sale was closing for the day in an hour’s time.


Above you can see Jared sniffing our good deals for the trundle bed to be placed in baby J’s room for my MIL who is helping out with my confinement. And yes, they even sell LINGERIE in this sale!

Below are some good deals we found for bedlinen.


A whooping 800-threadcount hotel-quality King-size bedlinen setgoing for just $30! We bought a 350 threadcount one from Robinsons for over $200+ previously! :”(


Another 300 threadcount king-size bedlinen set we bought at $$70



300 threadcount super-single bedlinen set we bought at $$35 for our baby room!

Other sale items we saw…………………..


Baa Baa WHITE sheep kids’ bed linen. So colorful!

Flowery sofa bed at under $300 and these cute little “arm-chair” for kids” at $19 per piece


Look at how comfortable the pretty little gal is in her seat… We were so TEMPTED to buy for one for Baby J… Can imagine him sitting there watching TV…Opps… better not or else he becomes a couch potato!

And of course, the kiasu parents in me and Jared were hunting around various fairs like the bi-annual Takashimaya baby fair and Robinsons Expo sales to stock up on baby necessities. Inadvertently, we ended up with a packed-to-the rafters kind of storeroom…. So packed that Jared had to repack the entire storeroom. 

So here is the neatest room in our home which currently resembles a war-zone……….. Our STOREROOM :-P


Just look at the top rack… entirely taken up by baby necessities + my confinement bathing herbs etc…. And yes… I know it looks like a PIGEON showcase too!


Coming up soon (ie unless I pop!) … blog posts on our Home Improvement! :)


Kelvin Ang said...

Wow! You certainly bought A LOT of things!!!

Somehow, I feel that I didnt buy enough now. Hehe

Edmund said...

Wa...If got Nuclear War..and u guys hide inside there...

Baby's bottom will be very clean...but he will be very hungry! :)

Jerb said...

Kelvin: no... It's probably us who's too kiasu! :p

Edmund: hahaha! That's quite true!

Jayme Shing said...

Jerb u guys all super prepared! hahaha!! The store room looks really like a section from any shopping mall!!

Jerb said...

Shing: Yeah! Thanks to Jared!

Andy said...

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Anonymous said...

The bedliner set still available?

Jerb said...

Not sure if they will have it for the upcoming sale. Should have though!