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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hatched @ Evans Lodge: An Eggy Affair

I am really glad we got down to buying a camera finally! Yes, in anticipation of Baby J’s arrival, we bought the much recommended Canon S90. Got it at a good price of $610 compared to Canon’s discounted price of $699. We’ve heard that the S95 is coming out soon… but so is Baby J! So, we decided not to wait.

Here in this blog post, I present you the photos taken with our new baby (I meant the camera). Let’s hope good camera + 0 photo-taking skills = not bad photos!

First up, SOT 2010 graduation.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Richard and Leny for running the race and fighting the good fight these 6 months! We are so proud of you!


Later in the afternoon, we met up with our good ol’ pals for tea! :) Always enjoyed the catching up especially since life is ever so busy with our increasing commitments.

Em chose a cafe called Hatched, situated at Evans Lodge near Botanical Gardens.

It’s just beside Julia Gabriel’s…


…and in this building below. (Can you spot our very busy Director Tan… on the phone AGAIN?)


Here it is! HATCHED



It’s a rather arty farty place as you can see…

I must say this small cafe had quite a crowd for a normal Sunday afternoon, considering it’s quite out of the way. Thank God we made reservations.

I think 90% of the menu offerings are made of EGGS of course!


They serve all-day breakfast food. They have salad with eggs, breads with eggs, scrambled eggs cooked with all sorts of stuffs, eggs done up in different different ways. So if you love eating eggs, you know where to head for.

Now, I tried playing with the color accent camera mode on one of the pages in the menu. You could select which color in your photo to keep and have the rest in black and white. I LOVE this mode!


I tried it on Minghui too! She still looks good and VERY slim at 10+++ weeks of her pregnancy doesn’t she?


And since some of us were early, we took our photos using another one of my favorite mode – the Nostalgic mode!


My hubby thinks Director Tan ALREADY looks nostalgic on his own. HAHAHA! But it’s a really artistic, dreamy mode don’t you think? Sweet photo!

Now, our turn! I upped the level of nostalgic-ness for our photo…

Director Tan kindly advised us that these kind of photos would look nicer if we look away from the camera. But if you know the ‘rebel’ in my hubby….

me n j

Here comes the food.

Now, here’s what I ordered. Needed to satisfy my sweet tooth but this was one of the very few sweet offerings they had – fluffy pancakes with caramelized apples or grilled bananas.


I know what you’re thinking. “Where’s the apples OR the bananas?” Yea. the cafe ran out of them and offered me FIVE blueberries in their stead. :( Very normal pancakes… yes, very fluffy… so fluffy I was already full from eating just one piece of thick carbo. No wonder they said this was for two (They only offer this for two or a trio).

Anyway, what’s most important is the good fellowship we had!



It was fun catching up! And this also marked the end of another week.

Till we meet again…!


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