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Monday, August 23, 2010


I have never gmasked any of my stuffs before. Ever since I bought my white-berry, I have not gotten any ‘clothes’ for it. Then Jiahui showed me her gmasked bb and that triggered me to get a ‘skin’ for mine too!

Reasons I convinced myself to get a gmask (> than $10) vs getting a BB cover (starting from $10)

1. I haven’t gotten a screen protector yet,

2. If I got a cover for my berry instead, it would have ‘hidden’ the white color of the phone- the main reason why I bought a WHITE bb,

3. I would then still be able to use the magnetic cover provided. I heard the cover preserves the battery life of the phone.

4. I could get a pretty design for my phone at the same time protecting it. You could actually change your gmask designs easily at these gmask shops.

Well, so I went to Tampines Mall to do my gmask. Quite excited to choose a nice design for my phone. :)


And here is the end result!


I did a transparent masking over the entire front – screen, buttons and all. I must say it was quite well done with no visible little bubbles!


I chose this design with a transparent background so that the WHITE part of my berry can be seen. And I chose to gmask the back only once, that’s why you can still see the BB symbol as well as the leathery texture of the battery cover. Thought of saving some $$ ($39 for single wrap vs $50 for double wrap).

Wanted to add Swarovski crystals ($1 a piece) but my friend asked me to get the crystals and paste them myself… probably cheaper!

So, I walked away a satisfied customer. Pretty don’t you think? :)

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