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Monday, August 23, 2010

37 weeks and counting down

37 weeks

Baby J at 2.774 kg

  • Cordlife package – checked
  • Work – Still trying to complete
  • Hospital bag – More or less checked
  • Last minute things-to-bring list (hopefully it wun be a frantic, got-to-go-straight to hospital kind of delivery!) – checked

What else? What else? What else?

Questions fill my mind as I prepare for motherhood… especially since I am about to pop like ANY TIME?

Today I had my appointment with Dr Tan. Boy, I actually prepared a list of questions to ask/’bombard’ him! Though I have already been googling the answers but you know, I just want to get re-re-re-assurance right out from the horse’s mouth. I need to know the answers are for ME.

The most important question for today in my opinion (and I am sure for all first time mommies) is

“What are the signs and symptoms for me to check into hospital?”

Dr Tan replied that there are 3 signs (or rather he counter asked me and I replied him correctly… LOL!)

1. Real contractions

Not the Braxton Hicks/fake ones. How would I know what’s the real thing is like? When there’s pain associated with the contractions and the pain doesn’t go away. Dr Tan advised me that one hour is a good gauge. If the pain doesn’t go away in an hour, GO TO THE HOSPITAL.

2. Breaking of water bag

This is easy.

3. Release of mucous plug


Gross right?

This is the plug which forms on the cervix during pregnancy and it’s purpose is to prevent any bacteria from getting into the uterus. It’s cloudy and could be bloody and when it’s discharged, it means that labour will happen any time from a few days to hours!

So, please keep praying for me to have a smooth, uncomplicated, FAST delivery and that Baby J will come out healthy and strong!


MJ said...

Hi Jerb! You must be feeling really excited!

When I was about to give birth to Aden, I couldn't sleep the whole entire night and keep waking up to go to the toilet. It's like.. I keep wanting to pee.

Then I didn't to wake my husband up for fear of false contraction until in the morning around 7am then we started keeping track of the contraction timing. It comes about 3 to 5 min. We keep track for 3 hours before calling my gynae at 10am and she eventually told us to admit to the hospital!

And I wasn't even dilating and no water bag bursting! It was done by the gynae and I was put on drip to help to dilate. Aden was out at 8pm. And ta da! the rest is history!

That's my first birth story.. looking forward to read yours! take care and be blessed! and hello baby J! :)

Jerb said...

Hey MJ, good to hear from you again! it's indeed assuring to read of other good birth stories... Thanks for sharing! I hope mine is smooth and FAST too! I will update my birth story soon at this spot. :)