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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Warehouse Sale of a VERY Different Kind

Last Saturday, Jared went for a PIGEON warehouse sale WITHOUT ME the Shopping Queen.

Yes, it’s NOT LV nor COACH nor ADIDAS BUT PIGEON. For the uninitiated, PIGEON is a leading Japanese babycare brand.

The rainy weather coupled with the cool and lush SERTA bed of ours essentially swallowed the very pregnant me up. Jared too wasn’t very keen to go especially when he had only 5 hours of sleep the previous night + the last time he drove in heavy rain, Goldie was slammed into at a cross junction and ended up in “hospital” for 2 over weeks! But thank God for His protection and all the prayers many of you all rendered, I and baby J escaped unscathed.


Badly damaged Goldie being towed to workshop

Nonetheless at the thought of a once in 5 years PIGEON sale offering great savings, Jared drove down safely to this industrial building in Genting Lane.


Pigeon warehouse in Genting Lane

Don’t let the deserted and quiet surroundings deceive you, the 5th floor was buzzing with a huge crowd waiting to get into a cramped, not more than 150sqm of warehouse space to grab some bargains.

Check out the queue at 11am, 1 hour after the start of the sale.


Many preggies + infants in prams + grandparents in tow (kinda dangerous for them with all the human crush!)

You will notice no more pictures of the sale because Jared was TOO busy sifting around for good deals… He was a tad disappointed because all the famous PIGEON wipes + detergents and nursing pads were sold out. But nonetheless there were lotsa good buys like (featuring only some of the items he bought)………



Manual Breast Pump

Original price: $79.90, Sale price: $10!



Breastmilk Cooler Bag

Original price: $59.90, Sale price: $10!


Insulated Bottle Holder (double)

Original price: $15, Sale price: $4!


Baby Napkins (aka cloth diapers)

Original price: $25.90 (!!!), Sale price: $7!


Diaper Liner

Original price: $10.90, Sale price: $2!


Hand & mouth wipes & Moisturizing cloths

Original price: $3.50 & $4.50 respectively, Sale price: $1!


Dish and Plate Set (For 1 yo and above)

Original price: $22.90, Sale price: $5!


Milk storage bags

Original price: $17.90 for 20, Sale price: $4!


Milk powder dispenser

Original price: $7.90, Sale price: $2!

Teether sets, refrigerator lock, safety pins + various cups were all at either $1 or $2!!!

Jared doesn’t know what exactly we need but he figured that he would rather spend the very little now then to regret later when he needs to buy those stuffs at a much higher price! He spent $139 on 55 items.

So, here’s our loot.


And now, everything Pigeon say ‘CHEESE’!


Jared wants to thank Jun’er for her wonderful lobang and Jiahui for all her wise inputs! Jared has truly been uncle-fied!!! And baby J is very blessed! :)


Jayme Shing said...

Hahaha! WOW Thats alot of stuff!!! But also vvv cheap when i saw your price comparison! Well done (uncle) Jared!!!

edmund said... cheap

Looks like u got some really great buys!

Klessis said...

Oh my gosh, really SUPER CHEAP!!!!!! What a great buy!

San said...

Woooo! Good buys!

Jerb said...

Yup, really good buys! Heard there's a tollyjoy one coming up in Sep!