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Monday, July 12, 2010

Of Ravi’s 21st birthday * Scrapbooking?! * And me @ 31 weeks!

First of all…. A BIG HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to RAVI!

Wow, I almost couldn’t remember when I turned 21. Haha! JUST KIDDING!

Anyway, i am going to side-track for awhile… Did I ever tell u I had been toying with the idea of doing scrapbooking for my son’s photos? Yeah… It’s that SUDDEN inspiration to want to do something more motherly and homely. And so, yesterday, I went down to get some paper supplies and decided to try out my skills on Ravi!

It’s been 9 years since I did birthday cards I think. I used to be CG card-maker. Yeah, that’s the creative part of me. I think I am alittle above average in handicraft?

Ok, enough bragging.

Here’s the end result of Ravi’s birthday card….



I used black paper, card stock, ribbon, puffy letterings, cut out designs from magazines and of course Ravi’s photo. Well, I thought it’s NOT BAD. A bit rusty, BUT NOT BAD still right? :]

Now, here’s some pictures from his birthday party. His mum singlehandedly cooked for his party of EIGHTY pax! Kudos to Ravi mummy!


The beautiful leaders!

Now, if you had agreed with me that my first scrapbooking attempt was not bad…. wait till you see the below….. I felt like digging a hole and burying my card! HAHAHA!

AWESOME scrapbook made by Trudy! Isn’t it pretty???





(The difference between the above picture and the picture above it is the KEY. Rumors had it that the KEY was the KEY to Ravi’s heart. Seemed like it was a very hot key up for grabs….)




More group pics!


More beautiful leaders!



Finally the birthday boy… on the right obviously…


Do you know Ravi’s bro (extreme left) used to be Hugo Boss’ model!? Sorry gals, he’s taken. But Ravi is still SINGLE & AVAILABLE & of course A VERY GOOD GUY. And no, Ravi did not pay me to say this!



All those present who were ever from E99 aka dinosaur cell-group!

And below, current E99.


Me with the handsome birthday boy :]


The guys from ET zone.



And finally, before I go, here’s my tummy at 31 weeks!

week 31

Am I considered BIG? Some friends had commented that I looked ready to pop!

BTW, thanks to my sis for buying this lovely tie-dyed maxi dress from Hongkong. I love the blue color! Beats getting normal maternity wear!


So ciao for now! May God multiply your sleep if you are going to watch the World Cup finals at 2.30 a.m. soon!

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