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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Food + conversations @ Fish & Co

A few days ago, my hubby came to Suntec to look for me to have dinner at Fish & Co. There was a Citibank promotion – Get any set meal and then get a fish & chips with a drink at $10.




Jared liked this fried calamari.


Seafood chowder…. creamy and tasty with generous ingredients.


This was my New York fish & chips. It was a very BIG portion. I found it a tad too oily especially with a generous amount of cheese oozing out. I could only conquer half of this.

Now, I was very puzzled with my hubby’s conversations with the Fish & Co waiter that night.

Conversation #1

Hubby: Hi, could you help us to take away the remainders?

Waiter: Sure!

H: Yup, thanks. My wife is pregnant you see….

Me: *Hmmm…?**

Conversation #2

Waiter brings out the bill with 2 mints.

H: Do you guys sell these mints?

W: Yes sir. 1 packet costs $16.

H to me: Oh I see… Dear do you want?

Me: It’s ok, no.

H to W: Could you get us some more of these mints? My wife is pregnant.

W: Sure!

Me: *Hmmmmm…..**

I guess my hubby is getting increasingly excited about seeing Baby J??!


Kelvin Ang said...

Hahaha. Sounds like your hubby wants to eat them instead of you!

Familiar scenerio between myself and my wife!

Jerb said...

Haha! I think so. So I must be his scapegoat!

David Ang said...