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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Christian

Introducing my son’s future playmate… Baby Christian!

He was born 23 July 2010 and weighed 3.6 kg.

Baby C

And here’s his happy mum Esther together with him.

Est and baby

Esther was induced and went through 24 hours of labour and 3 doses of epidural!!!

After visiting them, I really felt that my turn is coming soon! I have mixed feelings of excitement, anticipation to see Baby but yet feeling v uncertain about the delivery process. I am praying for a smooth smooth delivery!

But in the meantime, I am ‘suffering’ from tiredness, constant backacheS and my elephant legs are back! “Ok Jerb, it’s all worth it and will be over soon!!!”

Anyway, I stumbled across some of mine and Jared’s child photos used for our wedding montage. I honestly think… we were both quite cute. HAHAHA!

Here’s Jared! I like his toddler hairstyle! Cool!


Here’s me!


Photo collages created by Photovisi… Nice and easy to do! I will definitely try more templates in my future blogposts.

So instead of wondering how Baby J will look like, do pray together with me for him:

1. Big beautiful eyes and long eye lashes

2. Handsome features

3. Lots of nice hair on his head

4. Good-looking overall (I think one can have nice features but not so good looking on the whole… right?)

5. No allergies

6. No blemish

7. Favor with people

8. Easy to look after

9. Doesn’t cry easily

10. Happy!

11. Sleep regular hours (Ps Yong told me I got to pray for this!)

12. Healthy and strong

Thanks for praying! :)




Klessis said...

Thanks for sharing about this website for collage-making! It's awesome!!!!!!

Esther said...

I cant wait to meet Julien :)