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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

32 weeks and counting down

And everyone says “Time flies”… How true. Looking back, I really thank God for a smooth journey thus far. Even though there was a slight bump (our unfortunate car accident) but we are really grateful to God that everything went back to normal so quickly and baby had been growing steadily. :)

In fact, as of the last ultrascan that I did 2 days ago, Baby J weighed 1.9kg! Gosh, that explains my fatigue and the difficulty I have been experiencing when tossing and turning in bed! I have to literally lift my stomach up before I turn my body. Boy, I think I wake up at every change in position at night. However, Doc said baby’s weight is at the 50-55th percentile so… keep it up Baby!

At this point in time, Baby’s movement is even more obvious. It seems he has been kicking, stretching and running threadmills on my ribs! But the funny thing is when Daddy or whoever tries to place their hand on my stomach, he seems to be aware and stop moving. I think he will like the game of ‘Hide & Seek’ when he grows up!

So as I am approaching my delivery date, here are some stuffs I have been trying to take as recommended by friends, aunties and MIL.


Thanks to friends who got me lots of yummy birds’ nest during my hospital stay. I am starting to take a bottle every alternate day. Heard it’s good for baby’s (and mine?) complexion! We’ll see…


I order this whenever I can. It’s believed to be a ‘cleansing agent’ for baby when he comes out. Cleans the vernix off (a white, cheese like protective material which covers the skin of the foetus).


The latest drink that I’ve been ordering. Avocado! Ewww… I take a long time to finish this drink. Nutty and milky…. I think it’s an acquired taste and I have not acquired it yet. My MIL told me it helps the growth of my baby’s hair. We’ll see…. O baby baby, I really pray you have a luscious crown of hair when you come out! That my efforts will not be in vain!

Lastly, I realized that I am starting to lose sight of my feet when I am walking. Let me show you from my point of view:


Now, if you are wondering what animal this is or if you are smarter and are wondering which part of my body this is, it’s my tummy! And see!? No feet! *Sob sob. Come back soon feet….

So, here am I at 32 weeks

32 wks

Aren’t I BIG now? For my records and future reference, I have officially put on TEN kilos of pregnancy weight today. Can’t wait to pop! 54 more days at max!


Kelvin Ang said...

Cool! My wife scan shows my baby at 1.8kg...a little lighter leh...but still the gynea says it is normal cos she is not very tall..

san said...

wahaha. i managed to feel him when he was running treadmills in ur tummy on tuesday ! baby J must have like me a lot.. he knows JIE JIE sandy is near! so touched !!! hahahhaa

Jerb said...

I think 1.8kg is on track too. But me and hubby thinks ours will hit the low side of 3kg when he comes out.

Yes... AUNTIE Sandy!

jotoh said...

So funny... Come back feet! ;)