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Friday, June 04, 2010

You can't quit family


We cannot destroy kindred: our chains stretch a little sometimes, but they never break. ~Marquise de Sévigné

I have always grown up in a home where family ties are greatly valued. My parents chose to have 4 wonderful kids :) and we lived happily under one roof with our grandma.

Seems perfect except that my mum and grandma sometimes have their arguments (probably the ‘in-laws are out-laws’ theory at work), my 2nd sis Val was a crazily rebellious kid who enjoyed writing hate letters to my mum (I had to tear them away before my mum found them) and my bro who seriously was half the time living in another world (he needed 4 hours to finish up one page of primary school Maths… I always believed his soul was being whisked away to another planet during homework time…). I could tell you more crazy family stories…

But no matter what, we loved one another dearly and stayed together.

I have also found another 2 families on my own since. Got married to my beloved and now starting a new family with him and my darling Baby J. The other family I found, 10 years ago… at City Harvest Church.


It’s the place where I truly found God and my destiny. I literally grew up here and people loved and believed in me for who I am. Just like a real family does.

During my time here, I graduated with an honors degree, became a leader in church (great turning point because I never thought I could do something bigger than live life simple and for myself), got healed of my anorexia together with those self-esteem problems, found my spouse, my ministry, my closest friends… all here in this wonderful House!

In this Church, I’ve seen thousandS of lives helped, impacted and changed. Locally, we have helped the different groups of disadvantaged in the society. Pastor Kong taught us the Caring System so that we live for others and not for ourselves. He taught us a series on ‘Making Marriage Work’ when divorce rates are going up up up. He encouraged us to be the best in the areas of our work so we can shine for Jesus and contribute back to the society and be a blessing to others (how can we if we are poor bless others?). Overseas, we sent workers, aid and $ for humanitarian projects and to save lives during the Aceh tsunami and Sze Chuan & Haiti earthquake disasters. Well, these are only a fraction of the amazing things my Church had done. Don’t forget us for these!

I remembered a few years ago when my Church service was at Jurong West and I lived at the far east, I would sometimes cab down early on Sunday morning and the cab uncle would ask me why I don’t join some other churches nearby. There are many churches in the east! I tried to explain to him simply and in layman’s terms that because my friends are all there.. it’s already my church… I grow up there… But looking back, I guess I know now how to explain it better.

Church is my FAMILY.

So no matter what- Rain or shine, in blessings or in trials, a family is a family. You can’t quit family.

So, if you are in this family of mine, do continue to pray and stand strong together during this time. We are still going to love God, love people, do good and of course, go to church. :)


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