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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A visit to the Dentist


Took this chance of a long MC to go to the dentist. Just opposite my house. It’s been 9 months since I last visited my dentist! A big push factor was that I read that bad dental health can cause preterm birth! Yikes! No Way!

So off I went. And the Dentist was a very nice, very PR lady. The nicest I’ve met so far. Most of the dentists I had visited were quiet and went about their business. This one was very friendly and even related to me her story about her pregnancy. How she felt like vomiting if she used toothpaste and floss and that she could only use mouth wash throughout her pregnancy! What a strange symptom to have… and for a dentist!

The Dentist commented that my teeth were in good condition considering I had missed my dental schedule by 3 months and that I was pregnant (Pregnant moms tend to have swollen and bleeding gums… which I didn’t have).

She once again reminded me of good dental practices! Don’t you always feel motivated…. for about a week after you visit your dentist??



Did you know you were supposed to get the floss in between your teeth via a see-saw movement and then scrape the side of the tooth downwards? Well, I normally see-saw in and see-saw out, which the dentist said it’s a waste of my time and floss! Gosh….



And due to my teeth being uneven, some of my teeth were either overbrushed or underbrushed. The Dentist reminded me that I needed to brush in a circular action and angle my brush to reach the teeth which are more ‘inward’ or slanted.

Coool…. Going to practice these before I turn in later!

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