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Monday, June 28, 2010

Mellben Seafood

For Fathers’ Day this year, our family went to the famous Mellben Seafood for dinner. I must say it was one of the best seafood-zichar experiences we’ve ever had. It was SEDAP!

They have their original but smaller branch at Ang Mo Kio. We went to the one at Blk 211, Lor 8 Toa Payoh, #01-11-15. Tel: 6353-3120. Better to call and make reservations!



We reached Mellben at about 7 p.m. and there was a rather long queue for seats. Tables were almost all filled.

Here were the DELICIOUSLY YUMMY FOOD we ordered for 8 adults.

Fortune chicken

Highly recommended! The chicken is cooked with good stuffs like scallops, sea cucumber and fish maw together with loads of herbs and superior broth. We literally emptied the bowl.

Mee sua

We only ordered a small plate as we ordered rice as well. I liked the wetness of this mee sua. Hard to find mee sua fried well….


I felt that the middle was a bit dry, lacking in gravy… Average.


The gravy for this vege is absolutely delicious! Thick and flavorful…. BTW, the vege was buried under the mushrooms. Jared loved this dish… he ate ONLY the mushrooms!


Nice and crispy….


Delicious beancurd with stuffs like minced pork and prawns inside a thick tomato gravy. I couldn’t stop drinking the gravy!


I couldn’t stop popping these little crispy squids too! They were deep fried with a sweet black sauce. I like!

Then came the highlight of the dinner…..


Pepper crab

Chilli crab

(Ok, I need to clarify that I took this picture after many hands grabbed at it… that explains why it looked so little)

I must say that the Black Pepper Crab was much better. Just eating the meat alone (without licking or sucking on the shell) and you could really enjoy the strong peppery taste. Very good!

The chilli crab was a bit of a disappointment as the gravy we felt, lacked the oomph factor. It was still not bad, just below our expectations.

Anyway, give me fried mantou and I can swipe off any chilli crab gravy with it with GREAT joy!

Crab on plate

My plate!


Good food brings about quick responses. :)


Our ‘work’ of completion. The sight of satisfaction. :))

Do try Mellben out… We highly recommend it!!!


San said...

hahha. why is it that i've stayed in toa payoh for the last 20 years and i don't even know this place existed ?!! o mannn.. suaku !!

Jerb said...

Sandy, which part of Toa Payoh were u 'hiding' at all these years? hahaha. Anyway I think there's some popular coffeeshops and a hawker centre nearby as well. Go try it before u do shift out of Toa Payoh!

kailin said...

Crabs!!! I went to the AMK one before. Agree that the black pepper crab is superb! They have this dish - shimmering crab too, has this campbell-lookalike gravy! Drool*