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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Is Singapore getting hotter or am I getting more pregnant?

That’s the question that’s always on my mind whenever I go outdoors these days…

I used to find it hard to perspire (not that I want to), even a drop… even when I wear long-sleeved and go outdoors. But these days, it’s different! 3 minutes outdoors and my face feels like it’s been wiped by a wet cloth!

So I am wondering if the average temperature in SG go up? Or is it me entering into my 3rd trimester soon? Well, I just know for sure, I now much prefer staying indoors with the aircon switched on.

Sweating buckets aside, this is my 25th week. Went to the doc and baby had been growing steadily. :) His weight and size is average, very on track.. well done babe! He is 800 grams now and look like this….


Can you see his face? My my… He is so much bigger and chubbier now! And I can feel it! His movements are more obvious these days. I really wonder if he can do somersaults and forward rolls in my belly. He is really active at times! The amazing thing is he responds to Daddy now. When Daddy comes close and speaks to Baby J, he starts his acrobatic movements. HAHAHA!

Anyway, seeing the ultra scan each month never fails to put tears of love and joy in my eyes. :) I love my baby :)))

And so this is me at week 25.

25 weeks

I am starting to be conscious of the way I sleep. Research shows that the best position is lying on your left side because otherwise one of your major veins would be blocked.

I am also starting to lumber as I walk. Well, Jared pointed that out to me and I realized that that’s the most natural way to walk now my belly’s bigger!

I’ve put on 6kg since I’ve got pregnant and the nurse said that’s healthy. Good to just put on 1-2kg every month from here. I hope I can maintain that!

Anyway, had some time at home today and decided to cook myself some nutritious dessert to 补身。

Got some white fungus, dried longan, lotus seed, red dates, rock sugar and wah-la!


So, 3 more months to go before I am due. Time really flies but once again really want to thank God for a smooth pregnancy. In fact, my water retention has lessened. Praise the Lord! :)


kailin said...

Jerb! Really love to read about Baby J's updates! And you're doing so well! A healthy progress! ;)

Jerb said...

Yes, thank God for everything! :)

Sheryl said...

Hoohoo! Jerbie Jerb!

Getting really excited reading about your pregnancy!

All the way!!!