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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am BIG

Gosh, you can’t believe how big I’ve grown. I mean my tummy… and my legs… fats bulging out of my waist, my butt. It’s really absolutely demoralizing to see myself in the full-length mirror now.

Yesterday, 5 different persons at different times told me that I suddenly looked… BIGGER.

It’s true. My dresses are becoming shorter. My blouses are becoming tighter. I wore a tighter fitting dress on Tuesday and I had abit of a breathing difficulty the whole of that day. So yea, it’s most probably time for me to invest in BIGger clothes. My hubby kindly offered his wardrobe to me which I, ahem, of cos rejected. I mean I would NEVER EVER wear a big polo t-shirt out of home. Not me. Maybe I shouldn’t say too soon now my tummy’s growing at an exponential rate….

Will post the picture of my tummy SOON so you know what I mean. I so miss wearing my usual clothes. I think I will ‘burst’ into a shopping frenzy after I deliver.

Can’t wait!

And here are some pictures of my then ZS being promoted to Pastor during Asia Conference! It was the legendary Ps Yonggi Cho who ordained this batch… So awesome!




DSC01812 DSC01814

The 5m banner which we printed, says “Pastor Edmund, We are so proud of you!” :)

A BIG Congrats!

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