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Monday, June 14, 2010

Foodie weekend with Jennie

My cousin Jennie had 2 weeks MC and decided to come down from Malaysia to SG to visit my… tummy. She hasn’t seen me since I was pregnant you see. And every time she comes down, she would cook FANTASTIC meals for us!


Me & Val in action in the kitchen…. Not cooking… just getting the food onto the plates ;p





DSC01831  DSC01833


My cousin lovingly grounded chilli padi and garlic for me, knowing that I LOVE this!

Thanks for your love Jennie!!!

Now, this is not part of our dinner. But one of the food that Richard loves to eat. Hot spicy tomyam soup + rice + LOADS of chilli padi!!! He ate it for lunch yesterday after church and he  dumped the chilli padi into the soup and ate it with his rice…. Gosh, I pray he doesn’t choke!


Anyway, let’s get back on track… Last night after dinner at Sakae, we brought Jennie to Coffee Club at T3 for yummy desserts! I apologize for the poor quality pictures due to me using my BB to take.

MM Pie

The infamous Muddy Mud Pie!

We used to have it for $7+, now it’s $9.50!

Monkey Gooey Tart

My Monkey Gooey Tart… Hot fudged cake with a layer of bananas and vanilla ice-cream.

Raspberry Parfait

Jennie had this – Raspberry parfait thingy with strawberries. For those who do not have a sweet tooth.

Lastly, us and our beloved cousin Jennie…

us and jennie 1-edited

us and jennie 2-edit

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