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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to Us! :)

Yes! How time flies… It’s been 2 years since Jared & I got married. I can still remember vividly that 2 years ago on 17th May, it was a Saturday and we got married @ Singapore Arts Museum. It was so fun to have our relatives and friends all at one place celebrating the special day! And of course I dreamily recalled our dinner, us packing for honeymoon to Europe! O God, could you please transport us back in time once again?

Any way, we did the typical Singaporean thing to celebrate this year’s anniversary. 1. Watch movie… 2. Eat. HAHA! But who cares as long as you spend your day with your beloved right? Days and moments like these are always special. :)

I chose a movie that seemed rather appropriate for us.



Light-hearted (Jared doesn’t like anything too violent, horror-ful, bloody or gory eg: IPman 2..:()

Pregnant woman



The show was very average. Just that I happily identified a few feelings I had in common with the pregnant J Lo in the movie. Erratic, hungry, feel fat… at first trying VERY hard to squeeze into her fitting clothes…

And guess what? At the part where J Lo ‘dumped’ her boyfriend because she thought he wanted to leave her all these while, i actually cried quite alot… CRIED? I secretly cried during a comedy? Yeah… i blame it on those pregnancy hormones…. I get emotional easily ever since I got pregnant… Not-so-sad scenes warrant lots of tears from me these days.

After the movie, we had dinner. Jared brought me to Sentosa’s Hard Rock Hotel’s Hard Rock Cafe! Well, I think I had been a mountain turtle… As this was my first time entering into Resorts World @ Sentosa. Ok, go ahead and jeer at me.

Here are some pics of the place.

Guess where’s these chandeliers found? In the lift! Beautiful lift…

DSC01791 DSC01792

Some of the displays at the hotel lobby

Elton John

Funky Rock-inspired reception


Rock Shop @ hotel lobby


How can I not take a look at THIS place at Resort World right??


Honestly, the hotel was not the plushy, classy kind. And as it was rather newly opened, there were still many unoccupied spaces and renovation works going on. Signages were also lacking. A hotel staff had to lead us to the Cafe from the hotel lobby. It was a 5 minute, rather-complicated walk away!

Here’s some pictures of the Hard Rock Cafe.




Me below with the shirt worn by Noel Gallagher, lead singer of one of my favorite bands when I was young – Oasis. *remember the song Wonderwall?


Well, the Cafe was not crowded.. but it was still noisy. Cos there were TVs playing MTVs. And we were rather disappointed that they hadn’t got a live band yet since they were newly opened. Well, nevermind. The food and the company were more important! :)

Here’s our entrees…



Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese

A grilled chicken breast tops off twisted Cavatappi pasta tossed in a lightly spiced 3-cheese sauce, with garlic, roasted red peppers and romano parsley bread crumbs. Served with a side of garlic toast.

A must for cheese/pasta lovers!



Rock Chop

Grilled pork chop with garlic smashed potatoes and boiled veges. (I could not find my food’s description on the Cafe’s website… That’s why the description is very bad compared to Jared’s)

Anyway, it was a great deal as the Cafe had a one for one offer for the entrees! And the food was delicious! :)

After dinner, dessert is a must! And guess what? Jared whisked us away to the airport to have Swensen’s! The advantage of having Goldie.


We LOVE ice-cream and conquered an earthquake in a jiffy! :)

We had a good time that day but I really want to thank my hubby for ALL the things he had done for me. Always waiting for me(:p), always driving me around, tolerating my wierd habits, sacrificing for me and the family and loving me the way I am.


So, here’s to many many more beautiful years ahead for us!



Erch said...

oh DArchy! sorry i missed your anniversary!!!! dint realised it's 17th May!!

wohaah really time flies! wish u n jared even more blissful years ahead together with little J n other Js :p

Jerb said...

Dun worry Erchy, u can bless us with an angpao... we really dun mind. ;)

Thanks for the well wishes!