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Sunday, April 18, 2010

My babymoon :)

I know you’ve heard of honeymoons before. I missed my honeymoon in Europe! But have you heard of a babymoon before?

I saw the definition:

“n. a planned period of calm spent together by a just-born baby and its parents; occasionally, time spent by parents without their baby; (hence) a vacation or holiday taken by a pregnant woman and her partner.”

Well, sounds like an excuse for a pregnant mother to just get away huh?

Yes, that’s me! And I am going for my possibly last freed-up holiday with hubby and good buddies actually. I am really going to treasure this holiday!

And yes! We are going to…


The land of the Rising Sun – Japan! Hubby heard from his Japanese colleague that the Sakuras have not bloomed yet so it’s very possible we will get to see it this coming week!

I am really excited for this break. Will definitely blog about our trip to this beautiful land! Till next week… Sayounara!

1 comment:

San said...

Woohoo! Babymoon? I like it! Hahaha...

Have a great week in Japan!