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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter, then it’s bye bye Week 17

We had a tremendous Easter celebration service this weekend with a fantastic drama production- Life Book.

Our Easter drama never fails to …

1. Make me laugh with the 1-2 funny scenes especially with Adrian and gang dancing and singing replaced lyrics to the latest hot tunes. This year they danced to Gaga.

2. Make me appreciate the dedication and commitment of the drama crew.

3. Make me wow at the talents and creativity of the the drama crew. They out-do themselves each year and it’s always different of course except for the crucifixion part. And this year, I really think Best Actor would have to go to Zhisen for acting Mr. Loo aka Lucifer. He really portrayed evil very well… especially since the role totally contradicts his faith in God.

2. Remind me of the GREAT love of my Savior Jesus Christ. One tweet I read said “It was love, not the nails, that hung Jesus to the Cross.” Thank you Jesus for dying on the Cross so that I can live.

So Happy Belated Easter everyone! It’s a day worth celebrating indeed!

And…. after this weekend, today, I am at Week 17 progressing on to Week 18! :)

The weeks are beginning to fly past faster. This week, an article read that Baby is the size of …

Guess the vegetable/fruit of the week?





sweet potato

Ta-da! A sweet potato. Yup. I tried to console myself by finding the biggest picture I can find. I mean, how big can a sweet potato be? After 17 weeks, baby is still smaller than a watermelon?

I want to see ‘watermelon’ soon…. like next week!

1 comment:

Jayme Shing said...

HAHAHA!! Jerb! that has to be the biggest sweet potato i ever seen!!!Its like the size of an already developed infant!! haha!!