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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My resolution

This week, I’ve read that my baby is the size of an avocado.


Another source said baby is the size of a turnip this week...


Jasmine asked me why the websites always compared the size of the baby to fruits. Hmm… Beats me.

Anyway, I guess the turnip and avocado are about the same size. Baby is about 12+cm long this week. And I also read that he/she will be doubling in size very quickly over the next few weeks.

So, today I made a resolution. To start eating healthy for the baby. I mean it’s really not that difficult for me. :)

I decided to eat 2 servings of fruits each day and decided to get it cheaper and fresher from the supermarket instead of the pre-sliced fruits I get outside (Goodness knows how much Vitamins are lost after the fruits are left sitting there all day!)


Ooh, don’t you just love the colors? Tip: Remember to get fruits that are deeply colored. They contain more vitamins compared to their paler counterparts.

I also decided to prepare my own healthy and cheaper breakfast. Every time I get my breakfast from Suntec, I spend at least $3 on breakfast… and that’s not too nutritious. Think toasted Yakun bread with the thick slabs of butter, fried french toast, butter/sugar buns.

So I bought these from the supermarket too!


So, I wish myself all the best as I try to consume all the nutritious foods as I can for a healthy baby. I am sure the occasional snacking would not hurt though. :p

Ending off, here’s a picture of my tummy at week 16. I think I am starting to GROW quickly as I proceed to the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy!



San said...

Oh so very healthy... and cost-saving!!! :)

Jerb said...

Yes, I think there's quite abit of savings there! :D