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Monday, March 22, 2010

For Steamboat Lovers

Do u love to eat Steamboat? My hubby sure does! He has tried I believe almost all the steamboat restaurants at the Bugis area and he still loves… XIAN DE LAI 鲜得来。

It’s situated at Liang Seah Street.

Here’s our favorite soup base there.


The red, spicy one on the left is the spicy chicken base. It comes with a serving of fried chicken with dried chilli padi as ‘appetizer’. Absolutely delicious!


Trust me, it’s not as spicy as it looks! Jared and I will always try to dig and hunt down all the chicken bits in this bowl.

And here were some of the food that we ordered.


Must trys are:

Special taste pork ribs, special taste chicken wings, special meat ball. The rest of the food were of average quality.

Price: $18+++

Ambience: Fully air-con, cosy and comfortable, hygenic.

I know many of you had asked me now I am pregnant, what I crave or dislike. Well, I kinda like eating carbos now. But 1 thing I really dislike now that I used to like is - boiled chicken chunks. Like this:


Obviously, Jared ordered this… NOT ME!

Even looking at this picture of the chicken for more than 3 secs make me feel nauseous! Don’t ask me why!?

Anyway a few days ago, we also tried out Mushroom Hot Pot at Kallang. it was our first time to this place. AND it was EVEN BETTER than Xian De Lai in terms of quality, taste and variety.

In fact, cooked food was also offered on the buffet menu!

We ordered:


Fried man tou…. Nice!


Fried shitake mushrooms. Absolutely delicious to the mushroom lovers. The taste was however too strong for me (I do not really like such mushrooms).


Scallops in teriyaki sauce…. Yummylicious!

Their fried ee-fu noodles and kungbao chicken was also very very good.

Their soup bases mainly boiled with mushrooms were VERY tasty (no mushroomy taste I assure you… especially after cooking all the ingredients)!


Must try: The cooked food, fish paste, and generally their raw food were of very fresh quality. Delicious!

Price: $27++ (but we enjoyed a Ladies’ discount of 20% on weekdays’ nights)

Ambience: Mid-range restaurant setting. Comfortable and fully air-con.

So, if you are a steamboat lover, do go down and try these two places! :)

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