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Monday, March 15, 2010

Clothes for a BIGger me…

That’s what some people have commented. That I’ve grown. Hopefully just my stomach that they are referring to??

Well, my appetite is not really fantastic but I must say I’ve improved. :) Maybe because I have started to eat desserts just like these yummilicious egg beancurd with pearls from Chomp Chomp. And I had them past 10pm… :p



And so, my clothes are also really getting a tad tighter, especially my bottoms. I am already stacking more and more of my clothes in my wardrobe away as I can no longer squeeze into them. :( I pray I can dig them out again after my pregnancy!

I also then decided to do a little window online shopping just to get inspirations for non-maternity BIGger outfits that I can get …perhaps soon.

Why non-maternity? Because I think maternity outfits are generally very pricey and most of them not as fashionable.

Here are a few which I liked… and can last me, for awhile?





Actually and honestly, I don’t really have any cravings to shop these days. BELIEVE ME. Maybe, because it’s BF season… Or maybe I have lost interest?? Jared will be soo happy to hear that!

But another reason is definitely because of my current size… I know I am unable to fit into many clothes either now or very soon too! *Sob  sob. So, I am abit sian to go shopping these days. Let me show u what I mean.


So here am I in a confused state. Happy to see my stomach growing and yet not too happy to be unable to fit into my clothings. And so I comfort myself with this: NO PAIN, NO GAIN. To gain means one have to definitely incur some pain…. Hmmm….


San said...

Nice! Hey you really should "photo-document" your stomach growth over the weeks leh... I think it is so fun, but I also didn't really bother then. Haha...

No matter what, think you will need some clothes, so at least get some staples ba! =) This will definitely be hubby-approved kinda buying! ;)

Jerb said...

Yea, I will try to photo-document! As for the clothes, I think I (and hubby) will have no choice but to get some bigger ones soon. Heh!