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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My Hair Bangs

My hair was in a bad state. Very long and it seemed to have become drier and knottier (also naughtier) during my pregnancy.

So, I made a decision yesterday to CUT my hair.

1. Since I can’t dye my hair, I left it alone. There are reports that have shown that the chemicals in hair dyes can harm a baby, resulting in birth defects. Nothing is more important to ensure your baby’s health… not even vanity for the mere 9 months!

Anyway, my original black hair is growing out and black is a much more healthier looking color than dyed hair. I hope I don’t look fiercer though!

2. I snipped off what could be more than TWO inches of my hair… snipping away all the ‘dead’ hay.. I beg your pardon, I meant hair. Now my hair is slightly below my shoulders.

3. I got my hair treated. Now I can finally comb my hair without any knots!

4. I cut my fringe and got BANGS.

So, tada! My hair (uh-um, not face) looks something like this now-

Camilla Belle 01

(picture taken from

As a result, I feel cooler, lighter, neater and younger (due to the bangs)! Even my hubby who prefers me with long long hair likes my new hairdo *yeah!*. He says it’s cute *blush*…

So well, I can and should and will try my best to look as clean and neat and energetic as possible during my next 6 months of pregnancy! ….Till lethargy and can’t-be-botheredness sets in! ;p


MJ said...

keep cool. pregnancy is the best time to relax and enjoy yourself! also, to enjoy the food w/o fearing that people will comment about ur waistline! =P

another thing to cheer about is that during pregnancy, your hair and skin should glow! its due to the hormones!

u shld check out
u can input ur expected due date and they will send you emails week after week to tell u about the baby's growth!

enjoy this wonderful journey!!! awwww.. i miss having the little one inside..

btw, when is ur EDD??

Jerb said...

My EDD is 12 Sep. Hey, go for your no. 2! How old is your little boy now? :)

MJ said...

Aden just turned 4 months. =D planning a 2nd one in 2012. hehe.

keep us update! and take good care of yourself!

Aeromark said...

Cutting a beautiful hair is always a wrong decision!